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Exactly ten days ago, The Star reported Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim's statement that Malaysians, especially Muslims, must avoid being totally immersed in the internet culture, especially Facebook and Twitter. Read more HERE.

Today, The Star reported:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is searching for more ways to connect to his friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

“I’ve yet to see how I can reach out to them even more. Maybe ask them over for tea at Seri Perdana in the future,” he quipped.

He said his venture into social networking sites had been encouraging as he had registered close to 77,000 friends so far on Facebook while 9,000 people were following his updates on Twitter.

The Internet had been a good avenue for the public to provide him with feedback, he said during an interview with Datuk Ahmad A. Talib, executive director (news and editorial operations) of Media Prima Bhd in TV3’s Soal Jawab programme last night. Read more HERE.

Amazing! We have a situation where the Information Communication and Culture Minister says one thing (that created many hot debates everywhere and generated internationl responses as well) and then the Prime Minister says another that is in direct conflict with the earlier statement.

And the best part is - one can enjoy tea at Seri Perdana!!! Cool!!!

It is unbelievable that our PM has 77 000 Facebook friends and 9000 followers in Twitter.

I was wondering if Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim has a twitter account so I did a search on him and found THIS.

If you have a Facebook account, please do a similar search and you WILL be surprised by the result.

I wonder if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing and if some read the newspapers or their FB/Twitter updates at all....

So, isn't this development interesting? Tea at Seri Perdana,anyone?


Have a nice day!


  1. says:

    Hafiz b Shukor For all you know, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim is already one of society's rejects.

    Who knows, he might have hurt himself (both physically and mentally) after a fall from one of the 'burnt' bridges, hehe...

    Just leave him alone, and everyone will be happier!

  1. says:

    Anonymous Tea at Seri Perdana, anyone?

    Wow, we are coming.....

    Btw, are they serving 'teh tarik'?

  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Saudara Hafiz

    Good morning! Lovely to hear from you again.

    Ah - it appears that he may not want to have tea at Seri Perdana with the PM and his guests...:-)

    What a witty comment re the burning bridges!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!


  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Anonymous @ 11.14 a.m.

    AH - I had the same thought..Wonder if it will be teh tarik and scones or teh tarik and roti canai???

    :-) Take care and thanks for sharing!

    Have a nice day!


  1. says:

    Kenneth Is this old man on the verge of senility?
    Or is he trying to seek cheap publicity?

  1. says:

    Unknown Good morning, Kenneth!

    I think a little bit of both :-).

    Take care and er..see you for tea at Seri Perdana?


    Have a nice day!

  1. says:

    Anonymous PAS and PKR will find it difficult to retain some of their 13 Perak state seats in the next general elections as long as Umno’s resurgence is sustained, predicts one of the three former Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen whose defections triggered the fall of the state government a year ago.

    - The Malaysian Insider

    Hahaha, see who is talking?

  1. says:

    Unknown Hi Anonymous @ 12.42 pm

    Some people have to justify the expenditure spent :-) so they bow clouds and smoke along our way....

    Take care and have a nice day.

  1. says:

    Anonymous i prefer to pay for my own tea ....
    siapa tau you masuk sana kena c1,2 or 3 !

  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Anonymous @ 1.57 pm

    You really amaze me with your humor and dry wit!

    Fantastic comment! Love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing...


  1. says:

    Anonymous white kopi is better than teh-tarik,
    cubalah baru tau !

  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Anonymous @ 2.11 p.m.

    :-) Ah - could it be that you are from Ipoh Old Town? ;-)

    I love white coffee and have it every morning for breakfast while reading the news...that is how I stumbled upon this er...report...


  1. says:

    Anonymous hehehe....tau lah !

  1. says:

    Unknown Aiseh man...I am not such a blur case after all! Was wondering how come you have been senyap-senyap...Take care and have a good day!


  1. says:

    Anonymous Why should we have mere tea and sri pedana?

    I want the furniture, the land and the buildings too. :)

    I pay tax what !

    But seriously, I can not tahan that Najib guy, so better I don't go, or I would choke on that cup of poisonous tea.

    Denim Guy

  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Denim Guy

    Wah lah - you must be very hungry after thinking about the lion post. :-)

    Good line of thinking and I am sure many do likewise.


  1. says:

    nick Sis,

    Not sorry to say that I'm not one of his friends. One wonders too whether those 77,000 are truly his friends or they are just some UMNO members, cronies and rent seekers trying to butter him up.

    We all know there are those type of people who uses any means necessary to get close to those in powers (sucking up to the PM in his blogs, twitters and facebook is the easiest way...maybe Saiful get to meet the PM to discuss his "scholarship" by being one of his friends?). I won't discount it happening.

    Anyway, it's one thing to say that you want to hear the voices of rakyat and another to really listen and care for their well being. The rakyat have been vocal about the escalating cost of living and what did our PM do? He increased the price of sugar and maybe the price of petrol and toll rates too. Can't he ask the opinio of his 77,000 friends regarding the price increase? Then what good is it to have tens of thousand of friends and not valuing their opinion? As Penangites would say "Pi mai, Pi mai, Tang tu juga".

    77,000 twitter friends and 9,000 facebook follower is just for bragging right and it counts for nothing when it comes to the well being of Malaysian. 1Malaysia, 77,000 friends and 9,000 followers AND HE LISTEN TO NONE OF THEM!

    I'm not impressed at all, Sis. Re the case of the Vulture ..err.. sorry... carrion eater... opppss.. culture minister, he won't attend the high tea cos he's busy supervising the cave drawing project.

  1. says:

    Anonymous got grounded lah ....CHEERS !

  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Nick

    Does it surprise you that I am not in both his lists as well?

    You have raised many pertinent questions and we all know the answers to these...

    The last part of your comment is wickedly funny LOL!!! Am still waiting for your writings, dear Nick.

    Take care.


  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Anonymolus @ 5.59pm

    Aisehman - how can you be grounded? Must fight for your rights!!! LOL! Take care and keep safe and happy.


  1. says:

    Anonymous 'electric bill sudah naik !' ....isteriku roaring !

  1. says:

    Unknown How can lah? Pc tak makan begitu banyak kuasa letrik lah er unless you are watching astro semasa bermain komputer haha...and then both fan dan air-con berpusing-pusing...Take care and jimat cermat.


  1. says:

    jeffrey God save Malaysia...in Malaysia anything can happened!!

  1. says:

    Unknown Dear Jeffrey

    How true! All the more we have to pray and intercede for divine intervention and for the Almighty to raise a new breed of capable and worthy leaders for our nation!

    Take care and God bless you.

  1. says:

    Anonymous "Tea in the Sahara, anyone?"

    "My sisters and I
    Have this wish before we die
    And it may sound strange
    As if our minds are deranged
    Please don't ask us why
    Beneath the sheltering sky
    We have this strange obsession
    You have the means in your possession

    We want our tea in the Sahara with you
    We want our tea in the Sahara with you

    The young man agreed
    He would satisfy their need
    So they danced for his pleasure
    With a joy you could not measure
    They would wait for him here
    The same place every year
    Beneath the sheltering sky
    Across the desert he would fly

    Tea in the Sahara with you
    Tea in the Sahara with you

    The sky turned to black
    Would he ever come back?
    They would climb a high dune
    They would pray to the moon
    But he'd never return
    So the sisters would burn
    As their eyes searched the land
    With their cups full of sand

    Tea in the Sahara with you
    Tea in the Sahara with you
    Tea in the Sahara with you
    Tea in the Sahara with you"

    Lyrics by the incomparable Sting in his haunting song.

  1. says:

    Unknown WoW! Thanks! Been years since I heard that song...:-)

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