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Do you know about the return of the once-upon-a-time famous missing jets? Apparently, the Royal Malaysian Air Force's (RMAF) F-5E jet engines reported stolen two years ago have been brought back to the country from Uruguay.

Berita Harian reported HERE that Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the engines were in Uruguay and were brought back to Malaysia after their return was secured by attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail.

He said that he could not give the actual date on which the engines were brought back to the country, but it was by the efforts of the attorney-general, who went to Uruguay in February to arrange the return of the engines.

On February 5th, The Star reported :

The two missing F5E jet engines have been found in Uruguay with the help of the government there, Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said on Friday.

Thanking the Uruguay government for its cooperation in recovering the engines, he said that the Malaysian government is “aggressively pursuing the matter” and is proceeding with the “necessary procedures for the return of the two engines.”

The discovery was due to the efforts and close collaboration of the two governments, he said in a statement.

Abdul Gani also thanked the Uruguayan ambassador to Malaysia Pablo Sader for the assistance his embassy rendered.

The F-5E jet engines which were purchased in 1975 cost RM303,570 and were reported missing in 2008. It was reported that two J85-GE-21 jet engines, which power the F5 fighters, had been stolen from two RMAF facilities while some components from the same planes were also unaccounted for.

At THIS LINK, Abdul Gani was reported to have said that engines were taken out of the RMAF base on Dec 20, 2007 and Jan 1, 2008, and sent to a godown in Subang Jaya. Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the engines were discovered missing from the Sungai Besi RMAF airbase during routine maintenance service. Also missing were its maintenance and service records.

Well, how can one be very sure that the two jets that were returned are the same ones that went missing? Since its maintenance and service records are missing, can any one confirm the serial numbers of the engines that were brought back to Malaysia are the same ones that went missing? How come there is no firm confirmation about this fact? Who helped Abdul Gani to confirm that these are the same jets? How come this news only appeared in Berita Harian and then quoted in Malaysiakini HERE?

If they cannot even confirm the dates when the jets went missing, how it went missing and many other unanswered questions, are we expected to believe this news? What happened in Uruguay and how will this mystery be solved???? Who can give us the answers to these questions and put the pieces of the puzzle together so that we can see a clearer picture?


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    Anonymous Why would any arms dealers be interested in this particular version of the jet engines?

    The Uruguayan's A37 Dragonfly jets use a different non after burning(earlier and lower thrust) version of the engines used in the F5E jets of the RMAF. Physically they also look different and is shorter.

    Can these F5E engines be modified for the A37 jets. Very doubtful!

    Besides Uruquay is not under US arms embargo but Iran is! And Iran uses the exact type of F5E jet engines in their Saegeh jets.

    Just figure it out lah!


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    Anonymous I think you have asked all the right questions. But do not expect any believable or any answer at all to them.

    If the prime minister,who once, as the defense minister can tell a straight forward lie (Sibu by-election) to the rakyat,what do you expect of your questions?

    Anyway, the RAHMAN Theory decree that he be the last of the UMNO/BN regime PM. After that perhaps we can look forward to some honesty from the government. mykantree

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    Darth Vader MWS,

    Ah.... this topic. Both me and my uncle (ex RMAF) laughed about it and nearly fell of our chairs.

    Mahathir was correct....Rakyat mudah lupa.....

    All forgotten and buried. No one will give us the answer. Typical politicians mentality.

    IMHO, PR politicians should constantly bring this matter up in the Parliament as this is a National Security issue.

    PR must keep punding the pressure on these irresponsible Ministers and Ministries.

    A oversight committee must be setup to question and grill those Minister and ministries involved.

    If the US can set up an oversight committee to grill those "oil man" since the oil leak disaster, i dont see why we can do that.

    Malaysian political scene must CHANGE to ensure responsibility and accountability.

    Oh.... from the stories i heard from my uncle, this is peanuts

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    Unknown Dear ~wits0~

    The whole case is a real mystery.

    Quite a number of people have already noted the possible Iranian element in this mystery but of course, officially, we hear or see nothing.

    Isn't it insulting to our intelligence that they actually believe we are brainless enough to fall for such a dumb story?


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    Unknown Dear mykantree

    Thank you for resonating with this post and being in touch with the harsh reality of life in Malaysia.

    I do hope and pray that the RAHMAN theory will come to pass...May we enjoy the rest of our days under a more righteous government. Take care and thanks for sharing.


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    Starmandala Poor Sgt Thanendran. Beaten up and forced to take the rap, just so the then defence minister will not lose face... Aiyoyo! with this chubby fler's filthy track record as defence minister, then deputy PM and now back-door crime minister, what can face possibly mean to him? Insert the rudest sound you can think of here.

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    Unknown Dear Darth Vader

    I was hoping you would expand on this post, knowing you have an uncle who was in the RMAF :-).

    It is truly mysterious why this news has been under-reported!!!

    Yup - they think we forget but many of us don't - not at the rate they shock us with their excesses.

    I do agree with you that PR politicians have to bring this up for debate.

    In fact, a few posts ago, I already mentioned that PR lawmakers MUST do their homework and prepare for their sittings so that they can raise issues, debate and make the other side know that they are watching them very closely and that they cannot get away with whatever their evil hearts desire...

    Definitely the Malaysian political landscape has to change and the PR politicians, especially from PKR, had better grow up and stop fighting amongst themselves like kindergarten kids.

    I am sure these are peanuts - the biggies will not be revealed...and that is frightening.

    Take care and thanks so much for sharing. Have a pleasant evening! Do keep in touch!


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    Unknown Dear Antares

    Truly, it is saddening that Sgt Tharmendran has had to bear the brunt of the blame and to be "beaten like a cow" for reasons known to all of us. To think that they have to pay 150 000RM for bail...

    Take care and thanks for remembering Sgt Tharmendran...


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    Donplaypuks® There's no doubt something's very fishy about the turn of events!

    Why all the secrecy on returning these 30-year old engines which cannot possibly involve national security now?

    Since Ganesh Patel is involved we can bet our bottom $ there's a bigger mess being covered up!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

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    Unknown Dear DPP

    Thanks for raising these points. I also cannot understand the rationale for the hush-hush scenario unless there is more than meets the eye! Take care and thanks for sharing!


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    Ahmad Syafiq Yeay, the missing jet engines have returned, NOT! As usual, there is a scapegoat and everyone forgets thereafter. It's SOP in Malaysia. Nothing you can do about it in the short-run though.

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    Unknown Dear Ahmad Syafiq

    Great to hear from you again! What a sad state of affairs that such SOP exist. Hopefully things will get better if and when there is a new government. Take care! Work hard and do keep in touch!


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    Anonymous With so many twisting and spinning they think we are fools. There are more dirts than we will ever know and what else is news these days?

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    Unknown Dear ahoo

    Indeed it is a gross insult to our intelligence that they can spin such unconvincing myths! Reading the news can be quite a hazardous habit!

    But we will persevere and seek to know the truth, ya?

    Take care and God bless you always.


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