I Survived Bootcamp Penang! :-)

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It is the school break this week and I am sorry I have not had time to write as much as I want to. There is so much to do and I have to spend time with my younger boy, meet up with friends who are back on vacation and of course, keep fit.

This afternoon, I met up with my former student from Sydney - Belinda Worthington-Jardine. The last time I saw her was in 1995!!! I picked her up from Parkroyal and then we had lunch at Mama's Nyonya Restaurant. After that, we headed back to the hotel where we sat by the poolside and spent time together with her husband Wesley and her two beautiful kids Olivia and Samuel. At 4.45pm, I drove home, uploaded a couple of pics in FB - a process that took soooooooooo long!

By 6p.m., I made my way to SC's house. She was my bridesmaid in 1983 and we have kept in touch till now.

For months, Freddie, SC and gang had been asking me to join their gym, join Bootcamp and all I have done is to join them for lunch, tea and dinner :-).

Last month, I started my keep fit regime and so far, it has been good BUT the battle of the bulge is a real uphill battle.

This evening, we went for Bootcamp which is being run by my friend Conor, Chin Lee (who was my Step instructor at Clark Hatch) and Elise.

Conor and an old friend Roger who has lost so much weight!

Conor is a former member of Military Special Forces with over 20 years of operational experiences training soldiers and civilians to service in high risk challenging environments. He is a qualified military physical training instructor and is currently active in running, mountaineering, Muay Thai, cycling, diving, swimming and dragon boating racing.

Elise has 22 years of experience in fitness industry both in business and as fitness instructor. Creator of Cactus Aerobics Centre and currently Cactus Fabulous Fit and she conducts classes such as Fitball, circuit training, aerobics, step and weight training workout. Fitness is her passion!

Chin Lee has more than 15 years experiences in the fitness industry. Her specialist areas are kickboxing, circuit training, step aerobics and body jam. She is also currently active in running, hill walking, diving, swimming and wind surfing.

Chin Lee during the warm up session.

Actually, I was unsure if I could take the gruelling routine but since I have been exercising, cycling, working out on the orbitrek, doing resistance training and playing squash albeit at a slow pace, I thought I'd give it a shot with SC.

And I survived!!! :-)

Chin Lee took the first half of the workout and then we had circuit training by Elise. Honestly, I had a great time as I have always enjoyed working out in the open - lying on dried leaves to do sit ups and doing push-ups on the grass. Awesome!!! To have the wind blowing in my face as the sweat oozed from my pores - simply exhilarating!

Then Conor took over the session. In groups of three, we had to race against one another and it was a very motivating experience to have members urging one another to go go go go to the finishing line. If I had done it alone, I would have faltered and then quit. I almost did at one point but with all the coaxing and shouting, amazingly, I emerged fifth in the race after I gave it one last push near the finishing point. Then Conor told me, "It's all in mind. Fitness is about motivation and attitude." How true.

*My grateful thanks to Conor and Elise who gave this old lady special attention and LOADS of encouragement. I would not have survived with your warm and sincere encouragement and guidance!

Here's a pic of some members who were at the Bootcamp session that I attended.

What is it all about? Information extracted from HERE:

BOOTCAMP is a NEW outdoor fitness training programme for both men and women which uses the Military Style Fitness Techniques and guided by professional instructors to motivate and encourage you to achieve better weight loss, increase fitness and mental strength in a fun exhilarating environment.

Their formulated exercise programmes allow people of different fitness levels to work at their own pace but also be motivated to push harder for more effective results. Of course all done in the best , training, weight loss environment “the great outdoors!”

The Bootcamp programme will incorporate both regular routines for familiarity however we will also introduce to the latest exercising methods to create a more exciting fitness training solution. Each session is aimed to be unique, different and invigorating. The group sessions will also encourage healthy interactions between each new recruit a great way to get to know each other & make new friends.

Bootcamp also bridges the gap between specific gym classes, which could be mundanely structured and impersonal, and personal training sessions, which can be costly ! Here, even exercising together in a group, we will still try to understand your individual fitness goals and help you attain them.


If you live in Penang, why not join Bootcamp?

MON Hill Side, Tg. Bungah Registration is at 8:15 AM Class is from 8:30-9:30 AM

TUE POLO field Registration is at 6:15 PM Class is from6:30-7:30 PM

WED Hill Side, Tg. Bungah Registration is at 8:15 AM Class is from8:30-9:30 AM

THU POLO field Registration is at 6:15 PM Class is from 6:30-7:30 PM

Come along and burn fat, have a great time and have a healthy lifestyle! Next post will be up in a while. Have a lovely evening.

5 comments to I Survived Bootcamp Penang! :-)

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  1. says:

    Jenny Hi,

    Any boot camp conducted at butterworth or bukit mertajam area?


  1. says:

    Unknown Hi there Mik

    Thanks for swinging by to share such an upbeat message. Keep up the great job in Sydney! Keep in touch, ya?


  1. says:

    Unknown Hi Jenny

    At this point of time, I believe it is only in Penang. Come over and join them!


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    Tuttie Hi All,

    I am looking for a freelance fitness trainer who is able to travel to the gym at my place.

    Kindly refer me if you know someone.


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