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As the mother of two boys, I can vouch that one of the most difficult jobs in the world is that of a mother. No matter how difficult, I am eternally glad that I have my two boys, without whom, life would not be the same for my husband and me. I cannot imagine how empty, how boring and how unfulfilled my life would be without my boys. Indeed, parenting is not for cowards even though at one point in my life, I made many blunders but I am glad I made right what went wrong and that motherhood has taught me many things....So to all the other women out there, this is our day, to reflect, to be thankful and to celebrate the privilege of being a mother.

For those of you who are moms or grandmas or moms-to-be, God bless you and for those of you who are still waiting, your time will come :-)...

Happy Mother's Day...Enjoy this original song by Eddie...

Happy Mothers Day - The most popular videos are a click away

6 comments to AN ORIGINAL ONE ....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY :-)

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    shinelight Let me be the first to wish you in cyberspace - "Happy Mother's Day" :D

    Masterwordsmith, I have been wanting to ask you your comment on this piece of news.

    Our PM leads the top 10 highest paid politicians in the world. Why not post your thoughts in a blog post. Do you see a correlation between a PM's pay and the progress of the nation he leads. I'm just curious. ^^

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    mranjansingh Dear Ma'am,

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day! May your sons always love you and respect you through out their lives... and not just on a particular day... for it's not about a day at all... but the days of our lives..

    One request, please call me Ranjan or Rex and not Mr... I'm just a little master too like one of your boys!!


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    jonno1951 Paula

    Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Mother's Day on your Blog. :-)

    Have a great day. I am taking my mother out for dinner tonight. My niece took us all out to Yum Cha yesterday as she just landed her first job with Ernst and Young in their legal department.

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    masterwordsmith Dear Shinelight,

    Thanks so much, Shinelight for your good wishes and for sharing the news with me.

    Indeed, I am aware of the obscene salary of your PM :-) and I know for sure that the fantastic salaries paid out to your leaders is one of the reasons why corruption is not common.

    Yes, I think I will do a post on that. Thanks for such a brilliant idea.

    Take care and may you have a wonderful day today with your family.

    God bless you.


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    masterwordsmith Dear Ranjan,

    Thank you so much for your warm and sincere wishes. I can sense that you love your mom too, like me. It has been 37 years since I lost my mom and I still love her, in fact, I love her even more now than I did before when I was a little girl.

    Indeed loving someone is not for one particular day...but for a lifetime.

    I hope you have found someone to love because I know you will make a fantastic spouse and dad one day!!!

    Thanks so much fir stopping by and for sharing your very touching thoughts. I deeply appreciate it.

    God bless you. Take care, Ranjan.


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    masterwordsmith Dear Uncle John,

    Thanks for your warm wishes...May you and your family have a wonderful time together remembering the important place of the women in your lives.

    My warmest greetings to your lovely wife and your mom too!

    Yum Char!!!! ARRRRGHHHHH I love tim sum!!!

    Take care and have a great day!


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