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I know I said I would blog about the results of the MCA elections between 7-8 this evening but I did not until now. Why? The answer in obvious. I still cannot get over the shock. Are some people for real? I really feel so sick to the core of my being!

I am so appalled that the situation is insane. It was bordering lunacy but now it has gone beyond the borders of sanity.

Having a person with that type of history to head an organization is most worrying. While I agree that none is perfect, one just has to look at various web sites to see the type of comments being posted re the new leadership. What a crying shame!

Where are moral standards? Where is the love for all things bright, beautiful, moral, exemplary for young and old to follow? How can a person with such a past be accepted as a leader when others such as DSAI or Elizabeth Wong have had to fight for their reputation because of the adverse onslaught on their character following various allegations or alleged situations? Is it fair?

What are we supposed to tell our children or the youth of today? That it is acceptable to partake in certain activities as long as you belong to the right group? That one can have a clean slate when we apologize? Apologizing and repenting are honorable acts but what I am concerned about here would be how people perceive the Chinese community when led by such leaders. I wonder if MCA Wanita Chief Chew Mei Fun will follow through with her statement that she will resign if CSL became the President. What did she hope to achieve with such a statement?

I am Chinese and I am thoroughly ashamed of this situation. Since the 1980's, I lost my confidence in MCA. What has happened tonight has eroded whatever iota of hope that a miracle could turn this party around. To think that enemies could work together as a team in inconceivable. That one betrayed the previous leader and now will work the new leader casts doubts on the integrity of leaders. How can these people profess to want to work for the Chinese community? Don't they have any dignity or sense of shame? Disgusting indeed!

My thoughts are incoherent as I cannot make sense out of this nonsense any more.

What a nightmare indeed!!!


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    Anonymous The usual apologists for that fully soiled MCA character keep saying that his sexual escapade was a private matter. bad grandma's tale.

    They forget that he is a public figure and a leader besides this cannot be his only instance of that. No way his enemies could have the means to tape that event had it been the one and only misadventure. He was a serial offender.

    Therefore it is not a private matter for him but an utter disgrace. The fact that he still represent MCA shows that the MCA has no moral compass and ethical value at its core whatsoever.


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    donplaypuks® Ever since Bill Clinton got away with it, local politicians are never embarrassed when caught with their pants down, conspiracy or no conspiracy.

    Quite honestly though, I don't know what the thinking of those who voted for CSL or OKT was!!

    But, the Hindu 'Kalki Avatar' clearly foretold 5,000 years ago that this (now) will the age of men of low morals and integrity!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

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    romerz http://romerz.blogspot.com/2010/03/turning-point.html

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    Antares It doesn't bother me that Chua Soi Lek likes sex. The fact that he's so eager to become MCA president shows him up as essentially an opportunist, keen to get his hands on the famous MCA piggy bank (worth more than RM4 billion, some say). But the most disgusting factor of all is that Soi Lek is Najib's pick.

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    Anonymous "Quite honestly though, I don't know what the thinking of those who voted for CSL or OKT was!!"

    Absolutely without integrity and totally selfish to believe in the Most Contemptible Assholes!


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    Justice Say what you like, MCA is no longer relevant to the Chinese Malaysians. The delegates have voted against the wishes of the Chinese Malaysians!

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    Anonymous If Najib accommodates a person tainted with adulterous and unnatural sex behaviour (though not sodomy), then it goes to show that the case against Anwar is nothing more than a political persecution.

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    Ting Ng Yen Yen says MCA has forgiven Soi Lek.

    "Tomorrow is for MCA," she said.

    Hahahahaha....., please don't make me fall out of my chair!

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    ahoo When this soiled fellow was appointment as the bn co-ordinator in Pakatan ruled states, he had all the time in the world to campaign for his presidency. So, he was afterall given that task by his master for a reason. That is to tollseek out the grassroot members and secured his potential position then. Thereafter with the endorsement from the top, surely these members will want to align with him to ensure that they are the president's men.

    The stack was high in this mca election as the cabinet posts and perks are involved. Those days, we had seen two camps but from now on if the cabinet posts are not distributed "well" we will likely be seeing three or more camps emerging.

    Politics is not for those faint hearted but for those with ruthless type character. For these ones can turn whatever issues into non issue and get away with it.

    As for those "Money Chasing Arseholes" who have voted in a president with tainted past, we can only wish them well that they have the guts to tell their children when you have position, post and money, it can cover the moral issue of life.

    For such people who are for themselves, no amount of explaination is possible ! Politics and prostitution bears a very close resemblance. May the gracious Lord has mercy on Malaysia.

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    Catherine Well said, Yen Yen.
    MCA has forgiven Soi Lek.

    But, remember, the rakyat have definitely not!

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    Kampung Girl CSL may have won 900+ MCA votes, but MCA will surely lose 90,000+ rakyat's votes in the 13th GE.

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    Anonymous Chua Soi Lek should take over the Ministry of Transport!

    Justice for all...

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    Anonymous ""Tomorrow is for MCA," she(Yen Yen) said.""

    The 'character raped' one sez the darnest things, all the time. When was the last time she said something that seems to make some acceptable sense?


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    masterwordsmith Dear ~wits0~

    Villains can justify and moralize as much as they want from their warped moral compass.

    At the end of the day, people will know who is on the right track morally and ethically.

    By then, they would get the message that the rakyat don't want them any more.

    MCA has definitely passed its expiry life.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care and have a good day.

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    masterwordsmith Dear DPP

    I also cannot understand how those delegates can rationalize and make such irrational decisions.

    Indeed the Hindu sages were spot on!

    Now we see so many who have no conscience or feelings.

    Most shameful indeed!

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    masterwordsmith Thanks for the link, Romerz. I guess many of us are up in arms at this outrageous development.

    Take care and have a good day!

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    masterwordsmith Dear Antares

    The current uproar shows that we do not accept tainted leaders, especially those whose strings are being pulled by others.

    Take care and thanks for your timely reminder.


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    masterwordsmith Dear ~wtis0~

    Thanks for your response to DPP's comment.

    Love your acronym!


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    masterwordsmith Dear Justice

    You are spot on!

    I cannot understand why they refuse to acknowledge that fact.

    What the delegates have done is to hammer more nails into the coffin.

    Outrageous indeed!

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    masterwordsmith Dear Anon @ 11.18pm

    Very true!

    One openly admitted the act and there is video evidence but no action was taken.

    The other has been accused of an alleged act and action is still being taken.

    What do we call that? Can we accept that?

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    masterwordsmith Dear ahoo

    Thank you for filling in the gaps that we might see the picture more clearly.

    Obviously, many things must have happened behind the scene that tipped the scales in his favor.

    Evidently, he played his cards right and the subordinates in a mad scramble to the top have to be aligned in the right direction.

    Did they ever think of Malaysian Chinese at any point in time during decision making?

    If they did not, then how can they pretend that they do and give excuse after excuse for whatever misdeed or erring ways, confessed or unconfessed?

    You are right. the ruthless get mileage and the upright get stepped on, kicked about and trampled on till almost every breath is snuffed out...

    What an apt acronym you have given them!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Indeed, may God bless Malaysia and all of us.

    Take care.


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    masterwordsmith Dear Ting

    LOL!! I had the same reaction!

    How come some people have absolutely no sense of right and wrong?

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    masterwordsmith Dear Catherine

    There are some things the rakyat cannot forgive or forget...

    We have to do this to protect ourselves for those who should be doing that are not!

    Take care and have a great day!

    Best wishes

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    masterwordsmith Dear Kampung Girl

    I cannot understand how some go for short-term gain at the expense of long-term good!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good day!

    Best wishes

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    masterwordsmith Dear Anon @ 12.50pm

    Sighs...The whole situation is too outrageous now.

    Indeed justice for all!


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    masterwordsmith Dear ~wits0~

    Can't believe that some still listen to this character? It is totally absurd!

    Take care and have good day, my friend.

    Warmest regards

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    Yeap Cheng Liang "Ever since Bill Clinton got away with it, local politicians are never embarrassed when caught with their pants down, conspiracy or no conspiracy."

    Actually Clinton never got away. Democrate actually paid for his sin. In 2000 election, Bush's slogan was 'Bring Back the Dignity to the White House'. Gore lost the election and Democrate paid heavy price for Clinton's mistake.

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    masterwordsmith Dear Yeap Cheng Liang

    Many thanks for sharing that with us. I hope that history will repeat itself here. There are many who have outlived their expiry dates in the political landscape. Take care and God bless you.


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