Bohemian Curry Rhapsody :-)

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I love Indian food. I enjoy the vegetarian banana leaf rice at Passions of Kerala (Brown Garden and New World Park) and also the Tandoori Chicken at Kapitan. This morning, TO sent me the following video clip and also the lyrics to the song.

It is really such a hilariously brilliant and funny parody of Bohemian Rhapsody performed by the Cambridge Chord Company.

Here's Bohemian Rhapsody oooooops I meant Bohemian Curry like you've never seen it before at the BABS Convention 2007 in Scarborough. I am putting this up for the sake of HUMOR and not to offend or insult anyone.

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO. (don't laugh too loudly if you are at work)

The real QUEEN VERSION of Bohemian Rhapsody is AT THIS LINK.

Bohemian Curry Rhapsody

Naan, just killed a man
poppadom against his head
Had lime pickle now he's dead.

Naan, dinner's just begun
But now I'm gonna crap it all away.

Naan, ooh, ooh
Didn't mean to make you cry
Seen nothing yet just see the loo tomorrow
Curry on, curry on
Cause nothing really Madras.

Too late, my dinner's gone
Sends shivers down my spine
Rectum aching all the time
Goodbye onion bhaji, I've got to go

Gotta leave you all behind and use the loo.

Naan, ooh, ooh
This doopiaza is so mild
I sometimes wish we'd never come here at all.
...guitar solo...
I see a little chicken tikka on the side

Rogan Josh, Rogan Josh, pass the chutney made of mango
Vindaloo does nicely
Very very spicy

Byriani (Byriani)
Byriani (Byriani)
Byriani and a naan
(A vindaloo loo loo loo)

I've eaten balti, somebody help me
He's eaten balti, get him to the lavatory
Stand you well back
'Case the loo is quarantined...

Here it comes
There it goes
Technicolor yawn
I chunder
It's coming up again
(There he goes)
I chunder, it's coming back again (There he goes)
Coming back again (up again)
Here it comes again.
(No no no no no no NO)
On my knees, I'm on my knees
On his knees, Oh, there he goes

This vindaloo
Is about to wreck my guts
Poor me.. poor me...poor meee!
...guitar solo...
So you think you can chunder and then feel alright?
So you try to eat curry and drink beer all night?
Oh maybe, But now you'll puke like a baby
Just had to come out
It just had to come right out in here.

...guitar solo...slow bit...

Korma, sag or bhuna
bhaji, balti or naan
Nothing makes a difference
Nothing makes a difference
To meee....
Anyway, the wind blows....shshshsh

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