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It has been said that to go higher, the employee must show and deliver three things:

1. good in work in present post;
2. initiative while working in present post; and
3. the qualities required of the higher post in view.

For instance, (1) may mean precision in delivery...maximum output to quality required in minimum time and resources used, and once that is achieved for one task, to multitask more and more at the same performance level.

(2) may mean to think beyond silos of the present post for the good of the team and upwards for the good of the company which includes the well-being of the customer, and then for each case, pro-act with suggestions or actions that can improve tasks, not necessarily one's own, or save costs, or protect the interests of the company but without creating other issues.

(3) is actually proving to the boss that the employee already has the qualities to go into the next higher post but this must not be done pushily otherwise zealousy may arise, and the ease at which it can be done calls for each employee to plan in advance his.her own career aspirations which in turn call for personal motivation which in turn calls for internal rhythm alloyed to character sharpened by the desire to do things well.

A good employee would want to have a better working relationship with the boss. A good boss would want to have a better working relationship with all employees. Employees are not necessarily challenges all the time. Some are just wayward; others need extra coaching; all have inner individual potential. Like people.

A good boss works magic - s.he can smoothen things seamlessly but at the same time raise the bar, an action which tends to create kinks. Like mistakes, kinks have their own roles to play in the progress of enterprise for they enable learning how to avoid future mistakes while opening channels for fresh ideas on how to improve things.

*This post is Walla's response to my post on How to have a better working relationship with your boss.

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