The ABCs of Social Graces

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Acceptance: What you receive from the right people, and give in return.

Boredom: A common malady caught only from lesser folk.

Charity: The art of subtle giving to those you feel need it.

Distinction: The difference between you and lesser mortals.

Ethics: The knowledge of what you can ignore and what it's best to own up to.

Friends: Everyone except family who ignores your mistakes.

Gratitude: That which you deserve for being alive.

Happiness: Like love*, but less troublesome. * (see below)

Intuition: The ability to sense that someone is holding out on you.

Jackass: Anyone whose behaviour goes not gel with your current mood. (see below)

Kindness: What every good person should show you at all times.

Love: Sometimes hard to understand and to hold on to, but always deserved.

Mood: Things that everyone has, and which, when bad you have to be charitable about to your fellows, when good have to be shared. All types are reciprocal.

Nerves: That which only cowards reveal, hence giving you advantage.

Overture: An attempt to start something deemed worthy. Well practiced, it can advance ones immediate cause without problem; done poorly, may allow others their overtures on you.

Profit: The gain you make. Opposed to loss, which only others should.

Quality: A relative term used to help the gain you make.

Rapport: A condition involving Ethics, Friends, and Intuition. Useful in determining the quality of others, hence the profit you can make from them.

Scheme: Anything you and your friends think of. Second-hand schemes are like once chewed toffee.

Terminate: To end something. Used by those in control. Make your aim to be one.

Uncomfortable: Anything that makes you sore until you get used to it.

Veracity: An old word that meant truth, but now may be used to distort it.

Willing: That which adults will try to make you learn to be, so you can be like them. The opposite of independent.

Xcitement: An antidote to boredom. Surprisingly, best taken in small doses.

Yearning: A rare and strange feeling that can beset one when some of the above is in short supply.

Zip: That quality of speed which enables you to reach the goal without noticing the journey or the people. Antidote to care or consideration.

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