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I am still in a state of euphoria over Juanophobia's victory. Read about it HERE. He is coming home today and I am so excited that I have been having stomach upset since yesterday morning. I will resume normal blogging after lunch. I have not been able to regain my momentum because of my husband's recent illness and just when I was ready to blog again, I was thrown off balance with their victory.

Posters made by Julie Chua (mom of band leader Clarence Chua) for the fans

Here are the latest videos - clearer versions - that Stefanie uploaded in Facebook last night. Do log into your Facebook account to watch these videos. Hope you enjoy the music!

This is their opening number - a sketch plus their first routine.

Here's their second act during the Battle of the Bands 2011 on Saturday night.

This link will lead you to their third act and my favourite cos I can hear my son playing the violin in the opening strains *grins widely*.

Juanophobia at the prize-giving ceremony

And this one is of Juanophobia performing SWAY @ Johore Baru during Round 2 of the Battle of the Bands in June this year.

If you can  understand Mandarin, check out the report on Juanophobia in The China Press AT THIS LINK.

I just want to thank all friends, relatives, readers and well-wishers for their kind support, votes and likes for Juanophobia and every one who has in one way or another been blessing them in their own way. Take care and have a great day. Next sopo post will be up after lunch!

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