Change....What Change?

Posted by M ws On Wednesday, September 21, 2011 4 comments
Since March 2008, there has been so much talk about about change but do we really know what change we want to see? Most have just been saying KICK OUT BN. That is not change. It is merely setting the platform for change. To be able to change, the rakyat and politicans need to deliberate over the type of constructive changes that we want to see in our country without lamenting that it is impossible but believing that together, we can do it.

Even though we claim to have a two-coalition system (albeit not formally),  the dominant coalition has shaped the political landscape to their advantage - almost transforming our system into a "single party in power" with the alternative coalition standing in the shadows and sometimes screaming for attention. When abuse occurs, the rakyat are the biggest losers.

The inefficiency and lack of accountability of various departments leading to outlandish expenditures on nonsensical items, both big and small, must be stopped. It is downright irresponsible spending with no returns to $$$. Some who have no qualms about grabbing whatever they can while they can because they can. People must report any abuse of power! There is a lot that needs to be done. Those who have not been performing up to mark must not be allowed to contest in the next GE. Period. We have to put in place worthy leader to make that change happen.

Many of us believe that voting for the Opposition is the only way to bring about change. That is just the starting point. If the Opposition has the interests of all at heart, I hope that their election machinery is oiled and cranked up in readiness for immediate action. Stop the mud-slinging! The Opposition must lead the way help to restore respect to politics from the current gutter politics.

While writing this post, I was chatting with Antares via Skype. He said:

"The negative traits that BN represents happen to be the lowest common denominator of the human ego - arrogance, greed, wanna be top dog, live in palaces, buy sex, luxury yachts, private jets. It is these attributes that make every jumno contractor aspire to live like some brain dead ruler."

The good news is that we don't have to suffer all those negative traits much longer as we have the next GE before us. The opportunity to change the entire government is in our hands. Being highly connected via the net and telephony systems, we have become highly social beings who can be better prepared to change. It is up to us to be part of that wheel of change that is spinning.

A few days ago, RPK wrote a timely proposal in his post called "Can We Look At This Instead, A Bill of Rights?" We need such proposals to engage the election candidates in a lively debate and test out the waters to see who is the one who can deliver. While we know the many wrongs committed by the status quo, we may not really know the specifics of the changes. But RPK has painstakingly outlined areas of change to help us.

In the 13th GE, all ceramahs need to be stepped up a notch or two since we have many enlightened voters, most of whom already know what they want. The Opposition MUST offer us principled quality candidates who will not turn froggy but can serve the rakyat and steer the country in the right direction.

Some say politics is the “art of the possible.” That being the case, change can only come if we put into place leaders who can practice the political art without selling their souls to the devil.

Change can be effected if we elect candidates who can achieve the most for the common good which they must understand thoroughly!

We want leaders who listen. to others. We want brave leaders who admit their failings and learn from their mistakes. Leaders must not be sidetracked from their roles and responsibilities.

We want leaders who can compromise their convictions within acceptable limits, without betraying their consciences, in order to achieve the best for the most, as they understand the best to be, and to be in elegant when dealing with their political opponents. The next set of leaders must be adaptable characters who can change their minds when the need arises and have the grace to admit their errors.  For change to happen, we cannot have leaders who adamantly seek “all or nothing” in ideological battles that no one wins and the rakyat suffers. In short, we want free and sincere leaders to lead us, not ideologues or demagogues.

We want candidates who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and get down to work FOR the rakyat, and not for their self-interests. Before demanding anything from others, they should be able to demand it of themselves and to do for others what they would want others to do for them and their loved ones.

During the next GE, I really hope that there will not be any outrageously expensive and endlessly analyzed campaigns that drain us of our patience and sanity. Plastic banners are NOT environment-friendly and a complete waste of money. Ban bantings and banners - save money and the environment. Our money can be BETTER SPENT! Why spend more to contribute to environmental destruction to try to win votes? It does not make sense.

The  rakyat and politicians alike must be very clear about what sort of change we want to see in our country. Let us move beyond 'Kick BN Out' or Change is Imperative. Let us list out our concerns and see how these can be changed for the better.

What are we doing to help make this change? Are we keeping abreast with current developments and keeping the ball rolling by forwarding emails or engaging our friends in forums/social networking media/dinners etc? Are we volunteering our services and talents to the party we support so that they can call on us to help during the campaign period?

Are we jotting down our concerns and voicing these via the right channels?

There is MUCH to be done and we can no longer afford to be armchair critics. Change is imperative. We must help to make that change. Once it happens, other changes must be put into place like clockwork. So I sincerely hope that the Opposition are well-prepared by now with their election manifesto and not to haggle or argue but to work cohesively to make that dream happen.

4 comments to Change....What Change?

  1. says:

    Hawkeye Writely so.
    We can only have real change if the people first change from just talking to doing a bit. The people need to participate in terms of their actions, join a group, movement or anything and to be there when needed.
    Than only maybe there is a chance to see Real changes that we so desire.
    Its time to participate, to be there, to be counted and to take charge.
    This is your country where your children and their children will inherit.

  1. says:

    patches Another brilliant article. Well said. And i agree with Hawkeye - we have to stop talking a little more and get up to doing more. Therein lies the problem. Where do we go? Who do we go to?

    But this is easier said than done... we want BN out but we don't know who PR is offering (from GE12 - due to dearth of candidates, garbage got elected and proved their worth). PR loyalists have not proved their worth either. Power has got into the heads of some, it is obvious. But we still NEED TO VOTE OPPOSITION to initialize the CHANGE.

    Perhaps we should pass the word around to selectively vote the candidates rather than the party. Also, it is apparent that PR are going to be tussling for seats amongst themselves with each individual party thinking it is more favored. So, take an example:
    Scenario 1: Candidates: MCA - Ong Tee Keat, DAP - some unknown, PAS - another unknown. Let us vote Ong Tee Keat who has shown his mettle.
    Scenario 2: Candidates: UMNO - Mukhriz or Khairy whoever, DAP - Hannah Yeoh, PKR: Azmin Ali. Let us vote Hannah Yeoh.
    Lord help the PR that they do not field 2 candidates from different parties to a key seat.

    Sigh! i'm already exhausted trying to strategize this - also unfamiliar with names etc.

    But hopefully, readers will get the gist - let us have real nasi campor in the next Government - with right thinking honest politicians.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Hawkeye

    Thank you so much for your upbeat response that resonates so well with the post. Thanks also for sharing it here and in the MT site.

    This is the time for all to unite and to effect change. Arm-chair critics must engage with the masses actively.

    Take care and please continue to keep up the excellent work you are doing in activism and blogosphere.

    God bless you and yours always. Do keep in touch!


  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Patches

    My grateful thanks to you for such an insightful and brilliant response to my post.

    You have certainly reached the heart of the matter and highlighted many things that we have to do if we ever hope to see change.

    I hope that when you are free, you can pen your thoughts and share it with us in a separate post.

    It would be a great pleasure and honor to feature your writings and wisdom in my blog. Do send it to me at

    Take care and thanks again for sharing from a heart that bleeds and cares for this nation!

    God bless you and yours always.Do keep in touch.


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