The Healing Fruit

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I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this artice in the Natural News webite by Sheryl Walters which said that the durian is the healing King of ALL fruits!!!

Excerpt from the article:

Durian is a little known fruit from Asia that has an extremely pungent smell and an amazingly sweet taste. The smell of the durian fruit is so bad that many hotels in the areas where durian grows will not allow their guests to have the fruit in their rooms. But those who brave the smell are quickly won over by its beautiful taste and amazing health benefits. Unlike most fruits the durian is left to fall from the javascript:void(0)tree as this is a sign that it is ripe to eat. People in the local villages of South East Asia, where the durian is most common, call it "The King of Fruits," and they will clear the floor under the trees near to harvest time and then camp near them for up to two months just to make sure they get the fruit at its peak. This is a truly exceptional and healing fruit.

Health Benefits of Durian

Traditionally the durian fruit was seen as a powerful aphrodisiac, while women would eat the ashes from burnt durian skins to help them recover after child birth.


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