The Residence

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The teacher asked the class where they thought God lived.

One little girl raised her hand, and the teacher called upon her. "I think God lives in the sky, because that is where heaven is." the girl replied.

"That's good!" said the teacher.

Another little boy raised his hand, and the teacher called on him. "And
where do you think God lives?" she asked.

Very piously, the boy answered, "God lives in each of our hearts!"

"That's VERY good," she smiled.

When she asked a third time, Little Johnny was the only one who raised his hand. Quietly dreading his answer, the teacher asked, "And where do you think God lives, Johnny?" "In the bathroom." he said. "In the bathroom?"
she asked, puzzled yet unable to stop herself.

"Yes, because every morning my father beats on the bathroom door and screams 'GOD, ARE YOU STILL IN THERE?'

-Author Unknown-

Keep smiling and have a great day!

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