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Posted by M ws On Wednesday, October 26, 2011 4 comments
This incident, is supposed to have happened in real life. Thanks to Freddie who sent me this joke.

My friend, who is a the head of Human Resources at a very large bank, says that the best excuse for absenteeism, that he had ever received in his career of almost 22 years, was from a female employee, at their headquarters in 2010.

He says when the lady, was questioned on why she remained absent the previous day, she simply replied ...

" But sir, I had no option. My husband was on casual leave yesterday and was at home. By mistake he took pills from the wrong bottle in our medicine cabinet and ended up consuming an over-dose of Viagra ! Now how could I have left him, all alone at home, with the house-maid ? "

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4 comments to Best Excuse - Female Employee

  1. says:

    Avatar111 Hi Mdm MWS,
    I have been following your blogs for a while. I must say your blog easily stands out as one of the better ones in the country!
    Back to your viagra story, anyone who knows the packing and price of viagra(rm40 to rm45 per pill) would reckon that it was very unlikely the husband took the pill (overdose?) by mistake.
    So the question one would ask was whether the husband took viagra for the wife or housemaid(if wife did not take leave)? LOL

  1. says:

    Bunny avatar111 obviously the viagra was for the wife ....... he wouldn't need it for the maid!

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Hi Avatar111

    Great to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind and validating words. At a time when I feel so down about the situation in Malaysia and whether my efforts have been in vain, your words have touched the core of my being and resuscitated my weary soul to write again (check out my post on Living from Hand to Mouth).

    Thanks also for your very clever and witty response to this post. I hope you will stay in touch and continue to infuse my blog with wisdom, inspiration and humor.

    Sorry for this late response! Take care and stay in touch.

    Warmest regards

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Bunny,

    Haha!! :-) Now you really think so? :-)


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