The Dangers of Vitamin Pills and Supplements

Posted by M ws On Friday, October 14, 2011 2 comments
Vitamins and other food supplements taken by millions of women may actually put them at more risk, according to a major study.

Scientists say there is little evidence the pills do any good – and in fact some could be causing serious harm.
A study involving nearly 39,000 women has found multivitamins, vitamin B, folic acid, iron, magnesium and copper all increased the statistical risk of premature death.

Nearly a third of adults in Britain take some form of dietary supplement most days and the industry is worth £675million a year.

Some of the most popular pills include multivitamins, vitamin A, C and E, iron, folic acid and calcium – which are all thought to improve long-term health and ward off illnesses.

Scientists from Finland, Norway, the U.S. and South Korea looked at the long-term health effects of common vitamin pills and minerals on 38,772 women aged 55 to 69.

Over an 18-year period the women recorded any supplements they regularly took.

The results, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found copper increased the risk of dying prematurely by 18 per cent. Folic acid – which pregnant women are told to take to protect their child against spina bifida – increased risk of death by almost 6 per cent, while iron raised the risk by nearly 4 per cent.

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2 comments to The Dangers of Vitamin Pills and Supplements

  1. says:

    KoSong Cafe I think the average person should go along the 'if it is working, don't fix it' rule. Then he or she should feel 'if in doubt, leave it out' when coming across any new pill. To play safe further, moderation when eating or drinking seems to avoid major problems.

    Many people do not realise they are being 'kiasu' when it comes to following others. Some might even think if one pill a day is good, then two pills would be doubly good!

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Kosong Cafe

    My grateful thanks to you for your practical and thoughtful response to this post. I concur with your views.

    I only take one vitamin daily and even that is a chore for me cos of my forgetfulness!

    Take care and stay healthy and happy. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Best wishes

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