It is Floodusday!

Posted by M ws On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 2 comments
A friend of mine who is currently visiting Bangkok drew my attention to his latest Facebook album which showed the following:

The mad scramble for food causing MASSIVE Jams around the City !!

The first to go were the instant Noodles. — at TESCO.

Next to go was the stock of drinking water!

Canned food was gone - hit by a human whirlwind!

Similarly, eggs were gone (not done) in MINUTES!

Dr. Michael Chick said that he had never seen vegetables disappear so quickly from the racks. Customers even took the scraps!

Green vegetables disappeared with no trace left behind!

 The chickens were gone with the wind!

According to Dr. Michael Chick, the only items still on the shelves were non-essential items. This is even worse than the Red Shirt Demonstrations last year. At least we could buy food then. He hopes that he will NOT have to put his Diving or snorkeling skills to the test. Apparently, more than 200 Cambodians have died and more than 270 Thais have died so far.

In many ways, Malaysia is so blessed. We are not in any earthquake zone. Neither are we in the path of typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis. We do not suffer from drought, famines or any other natural disasters with the exception of seasonal floods (and those due to poor drainage). Whilst we may have social problems, malaise and many other issues at hand, during times like this, we can count our blessings that despite rising prices, corruption issues etc, we can go out to buy fresh/cooked food and still walk the streets safely. Our worst catastrophe seems to be a government that does not put the rakyat FIRST!
During such times, let's remember in our prayers those who are facing unfortunate circumstances, such as our Thai neighbours. Take care and have a restful evening.

My grateful thanks to Dr Michael Chick for his kind permission to post his photographs.

2 comments to It is Floodusday!

  1. says:

    Bunny aren't we lucky we live in malaise-sia?

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Excellent pun, Bunny!! The answer depends on one very important variable....:-)


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