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My dear readers,

I am so sorry for not updating my blog. On Monday afternoon, my cousin's daughter passed away at the age of 28 after suffering from Lupus SLE. The family is truly broken-hearted and so am I. My cousin just lost her husband, Lee Hern (former principal of Sacred Heart School in Balik Pulau) in September last year and this has been a terrible blow to her.

The tragedy of it all is that her maid stole her cheque book and cashed out everything. Then, she did not have enough money to send her daughter to hospital and did not call any of us in her despondent state. So the girl died.


I am deeply grieved for all the pain, suffering and torment she has gone through and I do not know what to do or how to console her. Deep is a mom's grief.

As such, I have not been able to blog for the past few days.

At the wake, it was truly a painful experience for me for beside the coffin was a row of photographs of Tien-Li hanging in the wall.

Looking at her pics - ranging from the baby pics to the time she grew up to be a beautiful teenager taking A levels ten years or so ago, broke my heart.

The years of taking steroids had its toll on her. Her head was bloated and her body filled with bed sores. For years, my cousin had been feeding her via a hole in her throat while coping with her husband's cancer.

Life is precious, dear reader.

Today, I took out 60% of my photo albums and looked at my pics and that of my family.

And believe me, I really really treasure who and what I have today and where I am.

Looking at pics of my dad made me breakdown. Pics of my boys filled me with so much pride bursting from my heart. Pics of my friends reminded me of precious moments.

And pics of my former students filled my heart with joy.

I am so sorry for this melancholic post. Just want to say - take care dear readers. Cherish life and all who are in your life.

Have a pleasant evening. Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.

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