Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

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1. Being Clingy

Do you expect your boyfriend to inform you about his whereabouts every hour? Do you feel the heat of insecurity when he casually talks with other females? You expect him to conduct himself the way you want, and at the worst, you have hired someone to spy over him! If you relate to all this, you are clingy. You are also jealous and overtly possessive. I wish to ask you, what makes you a clingy girlfriend? Being excessively possessive is the first sign of missing trust, the building block of any relationship. Analyze for yourself what is making you so clingy to your boyfriend. Sort out the things as soon as you can, before your guy runs away from you. No man with brains, will tolerate a clingy girlfriend.

2. Suspecting for No Valid Reason

Suspecting her guy for small reasons is what a lot of female folk do in a relationship. Picture this – When your guy is out of town and calls you, you hear a female voice in the background. Suspicion starts building and you assume he is dating some other girl in your absence. You fight with him and make accusations with no concrete evidence. Is this suspicion justified? Your boyfriend, or say husband, might be helping a girl, considering she is his friend, or he is in a business meeting, who knows. So, never fight or suspect if you are not sure. Will it not hamper your relationship? Next time, do suspect and fight, but only if you have a valid proof and are sure that he is indeed cheating.

3. Cheating on Him

Women are known to keep commitments and promises among both the sexes, and that is an universal fact. But the natives of Venus are also humans and can sway on finding a better prospect. You are not happy with the way the bond is shaping up, and are not fully satisfied with your boyfriend, also you do not want to leave him. Your eyes begin to rove, you start flirting in an unhealthy way, and at last, you cheat on him! The reason for this mistake is – you didn’t take the effort to enliven the dying relationship, you failed in the relationship and didn’t talk it out with your boyfriend/husband. So, take all the efforts to make the relationship work; if not, quit, but not cheat or be with two persons.

4. Making Unrealistic Demands

Some girls commit this mistake of thinking that their boyfriend is their personal property. More than the guy, they think his wallet is their own. But it is not! Just to know they are being loved, girls start making unrealistic demands from their boyfriends. They become demanding, not realizing that he cannot afford what they demand all the time. A relationship is more about sharing your emotional securities with the other person, it is about supporting each other, it is finding yourself in the other person, rather than making material demands, or using him to fulfilling your motives and wishes. Also, females and males are wired differently hence this big difference in thinking. So, stop expecting him to remember all your anniversaries and birthdays. This one is for your own good.

5. Excess Intrusion

This is somewhat similar to being a clingy girlfriend. Even if you are a staunch believer in – “we are two bodies, one soul”, be practical. You two are two distinct individuals with two different bodies and souls, and so you just cannot cross that line the person has set for others, including you. Learn to give each other the required space, and do not excessively intrude in his life. When he says, he needs to be alone, he means it. Give him that independence, and you both will be happy. Know that he loves you, and let him do the things he enjoys doing. Do not force yourself to create a space in the person’s life. If he wants you, he will create a big one, for sure.


2 comments to Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

  1. says:

    walla All this is quite understandable from a biological standpoint (cough).

    Unlike men, women have an inbuilt clock to be a lean just-in-time six sigma baby-producing factory which of course requires firm and fixed supplier of quality services and goods with committed delivery.

    And they emote all this through various administrative measures like intrusiveness, suspicion, excessive demands and so on.

    But that is because they can't call for a public tender, can they?

    kekeke, call me walla. ;P

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Walla

    Many thanks for this brilliant response. You sure understand women! Pardon this late reply.

    Take care and keep in touch.


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