A Famous Chinese Painting

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The wonders of modern technology in transforming a chinese painting. Worth looking at. Click onto boxed section to see it come to life. Thanks to Angela who sent me this information.

This is a famous painting in China. It is really good and enjoyable, so take your time and 'walk' through this painting which stretches across some length. At each ot the three white boxes, click your mouse within the box and you will be amazed.


Subject of painting: Along the river during the Ching-Ming Festival.

Briefly translated: This painting was originally painted during the Northern Song Dynasty, 1085-1145.

It was repainted again during the Qing Dynasty. It is measured 528cm. in width and 24.8cm. in height.

It is considered as one of the Great Treasure of China and was exhibited in the Hong Kong Museum of Art last year.

Please control the speed of movement with your mouse and place the cursor in the centre if you want it to stable.

Click on the 3-squares for the videos composed with music and sound which are very charming.

Hope my translation will help you understand and enjoy this piece of Treasure.

Control the speed of picture moving with your mouse.


-Author Unknown-

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