Flight of the Eagle

Posted by M ws On Wednesday, November 16, 2011 0 comments
Absolutely fantastic flight of the Eagle. This is stunning!

An eagle Owl Flies at Camera.

Click on link below. See the Eagle Owl coming in for the kill -- right at the camera. Hypnotic little piece of film. I thought my eyes would cross. The last two or three seconds are amazing, watching the feathers ruffle and the wings swell. Loved it. Watch the intensity of the eyes!

Interesting to watch the corrections in the flight path as the bird comes in.

For best viewing use full screen.


-Author Unknown-

*My apologies to readers who came in between 6.30am-10.23am for I did not know there was an error in the html code till 10.23am. I have corrected it and the link works now. Enjoy the clip!

Thanks to Angela who sent me this information.

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