A Guest in Thought

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Once a day and sometimes more,
you knock upon my daydream door,
and I say warmly, "Come right in
I'm glad you're here with me again."
Then we sit down and have a chat,
recalling this, discussing that
until some task that I must do
forces me away from you.......

Reluctantly, I say goodbye,
smiling with a sigh.
For though my daydreams bring you near
I wish you were really here............
But what reality can't change
my dreams and wishes can arrange....
and through my wishing you'll be brought
to me, each day, a guest in thought.


I will not wish thee grandeur
I will not wish thee wealth
Only a contended mind
Peace, competence and health
Fond friends to love thee dearly
And honest ones to cleave to thee
Whatever may betide.

By Patrick Tan

Patrick was my colleague when I was teaching at International School of Penang.

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