Lembu Punya Susu Tetapi Siapa Yang Sapu?

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The Malays have a proverb: lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama. One minister, however, seems to have given a new twist to this proverb!

According to a Malaysiakini report by Hazlan Zakaria:

The husband and children of a federal minister, who are shareholders and board members in the controversial National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), went on an expensive overseas trip on company funds.

“In the company’s operations cost for 2009, RM827,578 was listed as being spent by company directors as entertainment allowance to go on an overseas trip. This includes credit card bills and other claims.

“This is one of the unnecessary expenses which should not have been charged to the company,” PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli told reporters at a press conference in Parliament House today.

Rafizi said this was according to the company’s audited accounts filed with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

“This is despite the company running losses, a total of RM7 million when it started in 2008, and another RM11 million in the red for 2009,” he added.

If one divides this amount with the roughly 1,600 heads of cattle slaughtered by NFC in 2009, it would mean that the trip costs RM511 per cow.

Bear in mind that this troubled project being funded with public funds.

In the report, PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli recounted how the firm’s cost per head of cattle that it imports mainly from Australia, kept for 100 days and then slaughtered for beef, amounted to nearly RM4,500 per animal. In Malaysia it is RM2,500 per head of cattle so he pointed out that the cost was 22 times above the estimated production cost projected by the Veterinary Department for the project.

The report went on to say:

Such rising costs, he said, was made worse by questionable financial conduct such as the engagement of National Livestock and Meat Corp (NLMC), a company “dormant” since 2007, as the “marketing agent” for NFC and which was given a loan of RM81 million by the Feedlot scheme operator.

NFC is supposed to handle its own marketing, if initial plans in its pilot plan were to be adhered to.

Adding concern to the tale, Rafizi claimed further, is the fact that the “dormant” company is also owned, via a complex corporate structure, by same federal minister’s husband and children team that manage and owns NFC.

He added, the same family also owned Real Food Company Sdn Bhd, which bought beef from NFC at a discounted price for their boutique restaurant Meatworks, a subsidy scheme which he claimed saw over RM2 million in discounts in one year alone.

‘No longer a going concern’

“In my view as an auditor this company is no longer a going concern,” Rafizi said, explaining that the business viability of the feedlot company is in question.

“It may bungkus (fold up) within one or two years,” he concluded.

Party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, who joined Rafizi at the press conference, expressed worry that the project will be another public funds sinkhole.

“We ask the government, can the RM250 million loan be recovered? Or will it be like Indah Water Konsortium, Perwaja Steel and PKFZ?” asked the Machang MP.

To this Rafizi quipped, “From a management accounting perspective, we may never see those funds again, they are gone just like the projects named by the sec-gen”.

Rafizi claimed that the funds have been diverted to various companies like NLMC, set up as associates and client companies to NFC.

The party claimed that this is an example of how public funds are misused by well-connected individuals to fund their pet projects, which they later siphoned out, killing the host public-funded project and making a tidy profit at the public’s expense.

“There is a possibility that the loan may soon be cancelled, on account of the feedlot farm being a failure,” Rafizi warned.

NFC came to national prominence recently after its allegedly sorry state of affairs were pin-pointed by the Auditor-General’s Report and was picked upon by the opposition as the poster-boy project of abuse of influence and conflict of interest in award of public funds.

This latest round of attacks by PKR follows government answers in parliament in defence of the controversial project.

Check out the following article as well:

PKR claims NFC funds funnelled to firms owned by Shahrizat kin

By Yow Hong Chieh, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 — Funds meant for the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) were siphoned off to associated companies owned by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil’s family, PKR alleged today.

Party strategic director Rafizi Ramli said financial records showed that RM81.22 million of the RM250 million federal soft loan to NFC had been transferred to National Livestock & Meat Corporation Sdn Bhd (NLMC).

“For the financial year ended December 31, 2009... NLMC owed NFC as much as RM81,222,448.93 even though NLMC’s job is only to market meat,” he told reporters in the lobby of Parliament here.

Similarly, NFC gave a discount of RM2.96 million to Real Food Company Sdn Bhd (RFC), which operates a chain of luxury restaurants owned by Shahrizat’s family under the Meatworks brand.

Both NLMC and RFC are majority owned by the women, community and family minister’s(picture) husband, Datuk Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail, and her children, Izran Mohamad Salleh and Izmir Mohamad Salleh.

“This raises questions as to whether the RM250 million loan meant specifically for the development of the feedlot centre was siphoned off to other companies owned by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil’s family,” Rafizi said.

He also pointed out that NFC had spent RM827,579 to fund overseas visits by NFC directors, which he deemed a “very high” sum.

This meant that 11 per cent of the cost of each RM4,481 cow slaughtered by the NFC in 2009 had gone towards paying for the trips that were made by Shahrizat’s husband and children, Rafizi said.

“No wonder NFC’s operating cost is 22 times higher than cost estimates made by the Department of Veterinary Services when the ... concept paper was put together,” he said.

The Auditor-General’s Report released last month had criticised the NFC, pointing out that it was now “in a mess”.

The report said production in 2010 was only 3,289 head of cattle or 41.1 per cent of the target set.

5 comments to Lembu Punya Susu Tetapi Siapa Yang Sapu?

  1. says:

    Antares I met Shahrizat a few years ago in Bangsar and had a pleaant chat with her. She came across as actually quite charming and intelligent, so I was a bit bewildered when she chose to remain in Umno after losing her seat to Nurul Izzah. True, Badawi offered her cushy job and everything - but I simply cannot fathom why anyone with any intelligence, integrity and self-respect could possibly serve under that ludicrous pink-lipped poltroon Najib and his grotesque spouse.... now everything becomes clear! It's all about being part of the COW (Coalition of the Willing), ain't it? In this case, the willingly and wilfully CORRUPT!

  1. says:

    eugene Kalaulah lembu lembu itu dapat bercakap,maka mereka memang tak ingin dibela dikandang tu dan disembileh dengan harga yang begitu tinggi...........

    Kalaulah lembu lembu itu dapat mengundi,saya pasti BN tidak akan menjadi pilihan moo moo tu.

    Kalau lagi lembu lembu itu dapat berketawa,maka mereka akan ketawa dengan sindiran sinis bahawa kita lebih lembu dari mereka,sebab masih senang ditipui

  1. says:

    KoSong Cafe Some intelligent people do not have business sense. Some cannot differentiate between public and private funds. Some cannot differentiate between company and personal expenses.

    Some directors think that they can charge anything to company expenses and it is up to the company's auditors to sort out the personal items and debit to the respective directors' accounts. If not, such items will be shown as company expenses but not allowable for tax purposes. In effect, the minority shareholders (if any) bear part of those expenses. In this case, they are all in the family. But still, we are questioning why such large public funds should so easily be dispensed to such outrageous business setup by a minister's family members. Not a squeak from MACC and Umno rabble-rousers. The former will only get excited by small amounts relating to opposition leaders.

  1. says:

    I swear I had the misfortune of being on a same flight with Sharizat and her entourage of 7 to Sabah one day. And I was wondering why would some one needs an entourage of 7 persons to accompany her to Sabah? All in 8 person (6 women 2 men). All the women's face were painted with colorful powders and all looked so unnatural. Already so rich and yet still want some more from the poor taxpayers.

    Can I stop paying taxes since my tax monies are stolen by these greedy robbers?

  1. says:

    UP41 Dear MWS, I think this is not an isolated case. This just one of so many. The opposition should really look into all those contractors and main sub-contractors, the marketing companies, the consultants and what not of government projects. However, like I said b4, there are many many cannot be checked by the Auditor General because these government dept are "privatized" ( though still used public funds via Khazanak & gov guarantee) like TMB where the details relating to IPP & coal saga were not available to the public.

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