A Creative and Productive Day

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As the school holidays are drawing to a close, I decided that I would make the best of today. It has been a most productive day indeed :-).

The morning was spent doing the usual household chores. Then, my former singing partner's son came by and we had a jam session - me on the piano whilst he sang and played the guitar. Unfortunately, his parents are in Perth for otherwise, it would have been an even livelier jam session.

By afternoon, I mended four pairs of my older boy's shorts, one pair of my younger boy's shorts and a pair of my linen trousers. Following that, I decided to do a video clip of my favourite song from the 1970's - "Close to You" popularized by The Carpenters. I had recorded the MP3 file just past midnight this morning. I took some time to compile the selection of images and then put it all together in the following clip. The vocal section was recorded in one take.
After I uploaded the clip to Facebook, I went about making chocolate banana raisin muffins with walnuts. Originally, I had planned to make Banana Poppy Seed Muffins but both my husband and younger boy requested for the other combo.

Here it is...

Eighteen minutes later...

Right now, I am waiting for my wholemeal bread to be ready...I started kneading the dough before I made the muffins and it should be ready in an hour. However, I am waiting with bated breath because instead of using brown sugar, I used gula melaka :-(. So I am most anxious to see if it will turn out properly!

In reality, my kitchen has been closed since 2008 when my older boy left for KL to pursue his tertiary education. For health reasons, I decided to reopen my kitchen and to start cooking again.

Having said that, I must say that home-cooked meals or desserts are certainly the best.

May you and your family enjoy heartwarming moments together over the dinner table. Take care and have a pleasant evening!

Update: Here's my wholemeal loaf...not too happy with it because I added a little bit too much butter. Serves me right for not measuring it properly and falling back on my faulty estimation.

It is only now that I realized I used the wrong proportion for the bread. :-( I had used the one for muffins. :-( Still, it smells and looks yummy and I have yet to dig in :-). Cheers

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