The Fall of a State

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The powerful emperor, Liu Che, of Han Dynasty was a successful sovereign, who was not only a politician but also a talent poet. He started the famous official conservatory for collecting and composing folk songs and ballads.

A bandmaster in the conservatory called Liyannian was very good at songs and ballads and also did well in composition. One day, he showed the emperor a new piece: "In the north is a beauty, unique among her contemporaries. One look from her will cause the fall of a city; another, the fall of the state. Who knows to what degree her charm can reach? And she is the best." The emperor was very fond of the song. The song brought him not only great aesthetic feeling but also a bit affliction. The emperor sighed with regret, "How terrific it would be if there was a beauty like her in the world?"

A careless word may be important information to an attentive listener. The emperor's sister decided to search for such a girl from the country for the emperor as the empress. In the end they found that the sister of the bandmaster was just the one they were looking for. She was well educated, uniquely charming, and perfectly gorgeous. She danced before the emperor delicately and charmingly, which made the emperor completely excited. He watched the dance attentively and finally said, "Well, my sweet beauty, the country has certainly fallen by you!"

Since then, the expression, THE FALL OF A STATE, has been used to describe the most beautiful and charming woman.

-Author Unknown-

4 comments to The Fall of a State

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    walla In modern times, the fall of the state takes a diametrically opposite form. Bedecked in jewels and weighed down by expensive leather goods, she bewitches not emperors but retail shop assistants in faraway places.

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    Cat-from-Sydney Aunty Paula,
    Have a happy celebration on Chinese New Year. May you and yours be happy always. purrrr....meow!

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    masterwordsmith Dear Wall

    BRILLIANT!!! You knew why I put up this post hahaha!!! Thank you!!!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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    masterwordsmith Dear Angelina

    Thank you so much!!! Yes, I am in a state of delirium because Jon reached home safely :-) and the family is together again.

    Take care and please keep in touch! Have a good break!


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