For the Longest Time

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Some of us would probably be familiar with Billy Joel's 1984 hit called The Longest Time which you can listen to AT THIS LINK. Have you heard of Organ²/ASLSP (As Slow As Possible), a musical piece composed by John Cage?

It is one of the longest-lasting musical performances yet undertaken. Originally written in 1987 for organ and adapted from the earlier work ASLSP 1985, this piece lasts for about 20 to 70 minutes. However, when Cage wrote the piece in 1985, he gave no details of "exactly how slow the piece should be played".

 In 2001, the current organ performance of the piece began at St. Burchardi church in Halberstadt, Germany and is scheduled to have a duration of 639 years, ending in 2640.

No kidding!! Most fascinating, right? You can read Steve Rosenberg's BBCreport on this musical wonder AT THIS LINK.

And you can watch a YouTube clip of this piece HERE.

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