The Original Circle

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The Original Circle is an article by Heather K. O’Hara

Would you like to do something really remarkable—something so simple and so powerful that it will make you wonder why you’ve never done it before?

Take just a moment and focus your eyes on the circle that is in the center of the page at the end of this article.

As you focused your eyes on the circle, did you notice that another circle appeared to the right of it? And did you notice that neither circle appeared to be in the center of the page?

Now for the life-changing question...

If the circle were a target and you intended to hit it dead center, would you aim at the center of one of the circles, or would you aim at the center of the page, because even though it doesn’t look like it, you know there’s only one circle and that’s where it is?

Most people, because it appears that one circle is moving to the left and one circle is moving to the right—will aim for the center of the page. Try it. Focus on the circle again and as you are staring at it, put your finger on the center of the page. Now blink your eyes and notice where your fingertip is—you missed your mark by the width of your fingertip, didn’t you?

Oddly enough, if you had trusted that the center of the target would always remain in the center of the original circle, no matter where that circle appeared to be—you would have nailed it!

When Tiger Woods is taking his best shot, he keeps his eye on the hole, not on where he assumes the hole should be. (That’s why he wins!) No matter what is going on around him, no matter what is moving to the left or to the right of him—he keeps his focus on the center of the target and every part of his being is focused on the intention of "precision now."

Now, focus on the circle again (really, really focus on it) and, out loud, say the words “precision now.” Go ahead, just say it! ...Now move your head so that it is directly in front of the circle and notice that you are moving your head to the left, away from the center of the page. Say the words “precision now” again, concentrate on the feeling of "precision now" and when you’re ready, when you know you’re “in line” with the center of that circle, put your finger on it. Bulls eye! You got it!

How many times in your life has it appeared that your dream, your goal, your ultimate desire has moved from the center of your life?

You keep aiming for the center of the page, because “logic” tells you that’s where rapture is; that’s where the big “win” is; that’s where happiness should be—and that’s where everyone is telling you “your real purpose in life” is.

Here’s a secret...

The original circle—that desire that you have felt a passionate love for and strong connection to for most of your life—is your purpose.

No, it isn’t always logical. It isn’t always in the things that you’ve been taught should make you happy. And it isn't always on the center of the page. But, it is there.

You don’t need to look for it; you need only focus on your desire to be "in line" with it—and it will line itself up with your energy. Take a moment and think about what your “original circle” is. What does it look like? What does it feel like? (If you’re smiling right now and feeling really, really good then you’re where you are supposed to be—you’re focused on, and right in front of, your target.)

Visit this place often—the original circle—the place of dreams. Drink it all up and then fill your cup to the top again! Envision "precision now." Feel how it feels to hit your mark. Use your thoughts to create the details of the celebration you’re having because you’ve aimed well and the power of your passion has driven that arrow right through the center of your target.

Think like a tiger. Direct every conscious thought you have toward the accomplishment of your dreams. When the circle appears to separate and move—move with it. Move deliberately. And move silently. That's what tigers do and it's also why the females, who are lighter and faster, are the hunters. They move quickly and effortlessly with the target.

Never take your eyes off the original circle. Think of it always as the hole-in-one you’ve already made, the blazing arrow you’ve already shot, the work you are already doing; the life you are already living.

Match up your energy with the energy in the center of the target—the energy of passion; the energy of precision; the energy of NOW.

Then take a step back and watch the magnificent colors of morning EXPLODE into a brand new day!

Heather K. O'Hara is an award-winning poet and author of
AXIS, The Song in the Center of the Soul
and Living on Level 7 (Choosing a Life with a View)
Visit her website today and sign up for her free, worldwide, monthly newsletter,
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