Fallen In Love?

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Once upon a time, there was a teacher and his student lying down under a big tree near a big
grass area.

Then, suddenly, the student asked the teacher:

Student : Teacher, I'm confused, how can we find our soul-mate? Can you please help me?

Teacher : (Silent for few second, than he answers) Well, it's a pretty hard and easy question.

Student : (Thinking hard) Huh???

Teacher : Look on that way, there are a lot of grass there, why don't you walk there but please never walk backward, just walk straight ahead. O n your way, try to find a beautiful grass and pick it up then give it to me. But just one.

Student :Well, ok then... wait for me... (Walk straight ahead to the grass field).

A few minutes later...

Student : I'm back.

Teacher : Em, well I don't see any beautiful grass on your hand.

Student : On my journey, I found few beautiful grass, but I thought that I would find a better one, so I didn't pick it up. But I didn't realize that I'm at the end of the field, and I hadn't picked up any. Because you told me not to go back, so I didn't go back.

Teacher : That's what happened in real life.

What is the message of this story?

* Grass - is people around you
* Beautiful Grass - is people that attract you
* Grass Field - is time

* In looking for your soul mate, please don't always compare and hope that there will be a better one.

By doing that, you'll waste your lifetime. Remember "Time Never Goes Back".

It is the same when finding your ideal life partner, your suitable career or business. Therefore the morale is LOVE and grab hold of the opportunity that you have now, don't waste time!

-Author Unknown-

Do you agree with the writer?

Have you ever fallen in love in such a way that you can never ever love like that again? Or can you still be happy with someone else even though you may not love her/him the same way?

But how would one know it is love? Would you say commitment is greater than love in that you may not really love that person but you are still with her/him because of your solemn wedding vows/commitment?

Do share your thoughts. I would love to hear your views/experiences.

7 comments to Fallen In Love?

  1. says:

    KS Cheah Hi MWS,

    I have a 36 year old foster daughter who has decided to marry a 24 year old private in the army. Career wise she is doing much better than him. It will be her second marriage and she has daughter from the first. She recently become a Muslim and the guy she wants to marry is the younger brother of a married guy (30 years old) who could not get out of a so-called broken marriage to marry her.

    Would this then be a case of, "...the morale is LOVE and grab hold of the opportunity that you have now, don't waste time!" as the author puts it?

    Actually she is not vampish nor the vixen that I may be making her out to be; quite the opposite actually. She says it is LOVE and I have been telling her to get real!

  1. says:

    Tiger Actually, true love is as simple as it can be.
    There is one true love for everyone, although not everyone find their soul mate at the time they look for one.
    I'm married to my best friend, my soul mate, and my one true love all rolled into one!
    Some people mistake lust for love, and some people mistake commitment for love.
    True love is love that was meant to be, not something you can make up or force.
    Perhaps not everyone knows to how to see it when it's there, that's why we have so many broken hearts out there.

  1. says:

    Wan Jian I wonder how it feels like to find true love. Do u just know it immediately when u met the person? Or is it something u suddenly realise after several years together? Hm...

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear KS Cheah

    I am so sorry to hear this. I empathize with you and humbly acknowledge that parenting is the most difficult job in the world. You must be going through a most challenging time and I know that no matter what we say, at the end of the day, we know they will follow their heart.

    A parent's job is never done and no matter how hard we try and even with our dying breath, I know we will be worrying about our children and grandchildren.

    I sincerely pray that your daughter will find true and lasting love that brings her satisfaction, fulfilment and most of all - happiness.

    Don't worry too much, KS. I know it is easy for me to say and if I were in your shoes, I would be devastated. Honestly, I would not know what to do in such a scenario but I pray that God will make a way for you and for her.

    Thank you for sharing so transparently. People like you are VERY difficult to find - especially in a world of those who wear masks or hide behind smokescreens. I am blessed to have very nice blog readers and commenters like you and the others.

    Take care and God bless you and yours always. Please keep in touch.

    Best wishes

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Tiger


    I agree with you wholeheartedly!! In many areas, we share the same perspectives and it is no surprise that after all these years, you still read and comment in my blog. FYI, you are one of my first few commenters in Masterwordsmtih@Writers.Inc and over here and I always cherish and value your comments.

    True love is difficult to find in a world where people dare not say what they feel and run away from their emotions or suppress it or worse still, live in denial.


    when we find true love - ahhhhh a new dimension of life's experiences is opened up for us to savour and to enjoy that we might find living and loving the most beautiful and validating experience in our lives!

    Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I truly hope that if ever you are up in Penang, my family can meet yours!

    Take care and may God bless you and your wife many more years of sharing, loving and bringing up a beautiful family grounded in a solid foundation of LOVE!

    Warmest regards

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Wan Jian

    Ahhhh you will know when love has found you and when you have found TRUE LOVE.

    There are two types - at least to me....love at first sight - I blogged about it a few weeks ago and the second type is the one where you slowly grow to love a person.

    Of course the first type is more powerful but must be developed with maturity, commitment and patience. The chemistry of the second type is not as powerful but one can be happy although I think er...not as happy as when with the one you know you are meant to be with...but then again, I am a die-hard romantic sentimentalist. :-)

    Take care and do keep in touch!


  1. says:

    KS Cheah Dear MWS,

    She is a daughter whom we fostered from Purelife Society at a very young age. Although she had a tough life growing up, much to her credit she matured into a very capable and amiable adult. However, I suspect certain mental and emotional scars remain whether deep seated or otherwise. She was very close to my departed wife and I mainly played a supporting background role back then.

    About this decision of hers, it is not so much about worry but apprehension on my part. Having gone through more trials and tribulation than most of her age, I feel it would be tragic if somehow her current judgement is impaired by some skewed subconscious need. A tragedy would be any major fallout from resultant misplaced sense of need and false sense of euphoria.

    Actually, I do not agree with the author's conclusion, "... the morale is LOVE and grab hold of the opportunity that you have now, don't waste time!" Time will be wasted big time if we grab hold of the wrong opportunity ;o)

    For me "true love" must be requited love and an acid test, though morbid would be the unequivocal willingness to die for each other.

    Coming back to my foster daughter; I just emailed her this (carried in the next Comment entry). Do you think it is too harsh?

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