Ten Most Inspiring Moments

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One of my favourite sites is Mashable. This evening, I came across a very interesting post in Mashable which is about "10 videos highlighting some of the most amazing scenes that can be witnessed on-demand through the world’s most popular online video platform.

Ranging from silent footage from the early 1900s to modern digital video capture, these clips vary dramatically from political to sporting to scientific achievements. They all have one thing in common — a strong message of inspiration."

The ten videos listed include:

1. The Fall of the Berlin Wall

2. The Moon Landing

3. Tiananmen Square Protests

4. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech

5. Professor Stephen Hawking's Zero-Gravity Flight

6. Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics

7. Wright Brothers

8. President-Elect Barack Obama's Victory Speech
(Note that quite a number of Mashable comenters were not to pleased about this listing. Do check out coments in Mashable that voice their objections.)

9. Roger Bannister Breaks the Four-Minute Mile

10. Gandhi's Dandi Salt March


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