The Alpha Male

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Over lunch with two good friends yesterday, we exchanged views about how men regard women and vice-versa. At my age, I always feel that men regard intelligent women as a threat and would love to 'control' them, subjugate/dominate or even humiliate them at any given opportunity. On the other hand, my learned friend, a professor, said that such men are highly insecure. he opined that intelligent and secure men would find intelligent women most intellectually stimulating.

I reckon it is the alpha male in some men who compel them to want to dominate or control women.
What is most important to me is SPACE. I absolutely hate to be controlled or told what to do. Perhaps it is the rebel in me. What you think I will do, I will not. And I am happiest when given autonomy in my life.

Who then is the alpha male?

According to WiseGeek:

Alpha male is a term used in describing any group or society of animals that live closely together and have a dominant leader. Alpha dog is often used in both domesticated breeds of dogs and in wolf societies to express the leadership characteristics of the dog to which all other dogs defer. There are also alpha females or leading females in many pack animal societies (including human societies), with the alpha female having dominance over all females in the pack and possibly some of the lower beta males or omega males.

In human societies alpha male can mean very different things. Some use the term to mean the guy who seems most at ease with women and can essentially marry or date any woman of his choice. In this sense the alpha male is often good-looking, has a great build, and may have a relatively high socioeconomic status. These distinctions may be less noticed in human groups like high school settings. Generally the alpha male (or a group of alpha males) are the cutest guys, usually muscle-bound, sometimes the “jocks,” while beta males may be less assured around females and may participate in less “male” activities.


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I guess I am not like other women because I do not like alpha males at all. But then again, that is me. I am sure some women might feel differently or share similar views! :-)

Did you know that there is such a thing as the Alpha Female?

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Are you and Alpha Fee or an Alpha Fee Bee?

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