Old and New Titles

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*Garden Boy : Landscape Executive Officer (LEO)

*House Maid : House Upkeep Manager (HUM)

*Receptionist : Office Access Control Manager (OACM)

*Typist : Printed Document Handler (PDH)

*Messenger : Business Communications Conveyer (BCC)

*Window Cleaner : Transparent Wall Technician (TWT)

*Temporary Teacher : Associate Tutor (AT)

*Tea Boy : Refreshment Specialist (RS)

*Garbage Collector : Public Sanitation Engineer (PSE)

*Watchman : Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer (TPSO)

*Thief : Wealth Distribution Expert (WDE)

*Driver : Automobile Propulsion Specialist (APS)

*Maid : Domestic Operations Specialist (DOS)

*Employee without Portfolio : Administration Manager (AM)

*Cook : Food Preparation Officer (FPO)

Do Not Forget

*Unemployed : Town Surveyor (TS)

*Gossiper : Research Manager (RM)

*Thanks to Angela who sent me this post.

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