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I Met Money and Said “You Are Just A Piece of Paper”
Money Smiled & Said “ Of Course, But I Have yet to see A Dust Bin For Me”

A Tongue Has No Bones.
But It Can Break A Heart.
It Can Be A Pillar For Building A Broken Heart!

Tomorrow Will Come Daily……….But Today Will Come Today Only.
So Finish Your Today’s Work Today Itself……….
And Be Free Tomorrow.

Every Night We Go To Bed,
We Have No Assurance
To Get Up Alive In The Next Morning
But Still You Have Plans For The Coming Day ;….
That’s Hope!

What Is Forgiveness?It Is The Wonderful Smell That A Flower Gives......When Its Being Crushed!

Do You Know
Which Is The Sweetest Couple in the World?
SMILE and TEARS ………….They Meet Rarely.
But When They Meet,
The Moment Becomes UNFORGETTABLE.

What is Success…?
When Your “SIGNATURE”Changes to
That is SUCCESS…!

Richness is NOT Earning, Spending or Saving More,
Richness is, When You Need "NO MORE."

Thanks to Angela who sent me this post. She lights up my life with her humor, wit, passion for life and inspiration. God bless you, Angela, and every single one of you who is reading this!

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