A Touch of Kindness

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Some of you would have been aware that I was ill for two months from January till early March. Despite visits to the doctors and even an expensive ENT specialist at a private hospital, I could not recover completely until God made a way for me.

I seldom exchange emails with readers because not many readers write to me :-). But a few months ago, one particular reader whom I have never spoken to or chatted with in any medium, started writing to me. Initially we exchanged views on our children and later on, the exchange was mainly on health issues.

It was this reader's touch of kindness in my life that gave me the breakthrough.

Sometimes, strangers are kinder than people we know.

On one fateful morning, I was informed that his friend would pass some Chinese herbs to me.

That friend of his called me and we arranged to meet at a nearby petrol station so that I could pick up the herbs.

Sharp on time, the gentleman appeared and passed me four bottles of capsules. I called the number of the Chinese physician who prepared the capsules and received clear instructions.

Shortly after that, I drove to my one and only girlfriend's home in Penang and took the medication. Two hours later, I really felt much better and the post-nasal drip just disappeared completely within 2 days.

I have saved half of the medication for a rainy day that I hope will not come :-).

Thank you so much YK for your kindness, generosity and the love of God shed abroad in your heart. Even though we have never met and I have never even heard your voice nor do I know what you look like, I thank God that in this cold cruel world where people turn away so easily, you have reached out to touch my life with your kindness and to share the herbal preparation that really made a difference. God bless you and A who sent me the medication.

Special thanks also to Uncle Khoo Soo Hay who took the trouble to email me specific instructions as to where I could get medication and even offered to buy me those medication and for me to collect it from his office when I said it was quite difficult for me to drive there. Thank you, Uncle Soo Hay, for writing to me a few times to ask about my health.

Thanks also to KS Cheah and other readers and friends who prayed for me, called me or wrote to me. Thanks to Walla who sent me websites that gave sound advice on chronic sinusitis.

In another incident when I had severe gastric cramps, another doctor friend unexpectedly passed my some medication at a meeting. Again, I was touched by kindness.

You might be wondering why I am writing this post. Well, after the previous angry post, I told myself I have to think of something positive and recalled the times when special individuals had touched my life.

Even though there could be many individuals who can be cold-hearted or indifferent, I know there is hope for mankind as long as there are those of us who dare to be different and to reach out in love.

Take care and God bless you and yours always.

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