A Touch Of Poetry

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Looking into the future
something my past didn't see.
The outcome of my experience
has allowed God to transform me.

Longing to be alive
for within I was dead.
Darkness was my company
and each day I dread.

Walking with a lost soul
Understanding nothing at hand
I once had a goal
My dreams turned to sand.

Seeking the face of comfort
To captivate my distressed mind.
can't give up on life
Hope, I must find.

Thank God I found hope
In the midst of the dark
Pursuing to find some light
Until it penetrates in my heart.

Now that I'm blessed with life
and has allowed God to transform me.
I'm excited about the future
Something my past didn't see



Beauty lies within.
How can you tell?
Is it the color of my skin?
The color of my hair?
Tell me so I can search to make sure it's there.

You walk by with your fancy looks.
Wearing earrings and silver hooks.
Teasing and laughing because I look like dirt.
Why are they laughing? We are all God's work.

My skin has bumps just like the dusty roads.
But your skin is smooth just like the crescent moon.
Why I'm I cursed with this horrible hair?
Soon I'm going to go bald and they will all stare.

With these wide hips and thunder thighs,
What man would want me? I'm ugly outside.
I've tried every trick to make my life perfect.
But can't you see its just not worth it.

I give up, I can't do this.
I'm going to accept my looks and be through with it.
Hey Beautiful!
Are you talking to me?
You are the beauty I see staring at me.
I guess beauty lies within after all.
Search within yourself its not that small.



You, you through your shining, painless, uninvaded eyes;
How did you see?

Past a mist of pain so smothering it was impossible to breath in its midst.
How did you see?

Through a massive sludge of hatred so thick, it clung and tugged until everything trying to pass through it became a part of it.
How did you see?

Into a vast, black emptiness that ran deeper and deeper until it reached a dungeon of nothingness; a nothingness so consuming the only life able to exist there was the rodents who dredged filth and contaminated all that surrounded them.
How did you see?

Yet you saw. There' hiding under the filth, less noticeable than the tiniest star on a bright starry night, was a minute speck of light, fighting to stay lit among the stench and bile.
How did you see?

It was so weary from running, shaking with terror at the prospect of death that was such a part of its being.
How did you see?

You pursued the spec like the sun chases a ray that tries to run under a maple tree on a bright summer afternoon, never quite able to be separate.
How did you see?

The spec was drawn to the brilliance and intensity of your stare.
It grew like a ray of sunlight peeping through a sliver of hope, filling the emptiness with light so radiant, it fought to permeate the sludge and the mist.
How did you see?

Once radiance started, it glowed into everything around it.
It emanated freshness and warmth, killing the rodents, fumigating the filth and stench; producing light so bright, even I could see.

By Tammy Stromko, 2004

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