Ripe Bananas and You

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Ripe Bananas produce a substance called TNF which is able to attack abnormal cells. You might find that Bananas would not meet the demand.

The riper the bananas, the more black dots will appear on their skin, and the higher the presence of antibodies. This is the leading cause for the Japanese’s love of bananas, including their adults and young people. It has been said that taking five different kinds of fruit a day can keep yourself a distance from diseases.

According to a research by the Japanese scientists, bananas can produce an anti-cancer substance called TNF.

What is more important is that the riper the bananas the higher will be their anti-cancer quality.
 ProfessorYamasaki of the University of Tokyo conducted an experiment with animals. He compared the immune quality of various kinds of fruits – banana, grape, apple, watermelon, pineapple, pears and persimmons. The result indicated bananas have the highest immune quality. They can increase the amount of white blood cells and as a result their immune capacity. At the same time, bananas can produce a substance called TNF which is able to attack abnormal cells.

Professor Yamazaki also found out that the riper the bananas the more black dots will appear on their skin and the higher will be their immune quality.

Being such, you are advised to eat more ripe bananas! Strangely enough, bananas will not cause white blood cell to multiply blindly. It is only when you are having insufficient white blood cells that bananas will start their mission to increase the cells. Hence experts consider that the immune quality of bananas is mild in that they will not blindly activating your immunity system under healthy condition. But in cases of old people, sick persons and those who are weak, bananas carry the effect of improving their immunity.

Therefore, in your daily life, it is advisable to take one to two banana a day to enhance your immunity against infection especially that caused by viruses leading to influenza and various epidemics.
Professor Yamazaki pointed out that bananas having black dots on their skin possess 8 times as much immune capacity as those bearing green skin.

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