Flip-Floppedly Yours

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Here's a list of words related to flip-flops. I was unaware that such words existed! Enjoy reading and have a lovely evening!

flop-advocate (n.) a person who champions the rights of merry-challenged misadventurers

flopberry (n.) one for whom bosoms, business and bliss are a total mystery

flopbibilist (n.) one who rings the doorbell at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning to offer the latest leather-bound edition of "The Dead Sea Scrolls", for only five easy payments of $49.95 plus tax and handling charges

flop-bitten (adj.) pertaining to one who has an affinity for bitting or licking the dust as opposed to those who usually shove their dust-bunnies under the bed

flop-box (n.) the place where one shares maudlin stories with uniquely-fortuned individuals on an alternative career path

flopbot (n.) the annoying little uninvited icon that appears on one's computer screen offering wise words of advice on how to fix, repair, or heal anything that can't be stuck back together with Crazy Glue or Duct tape

flopbug (n.) an intimate itch that one can't scratch in public

flop-critical (n.) the point at which a person, place or thing becomes an uncontained core rearrangement of components outside the parameters of the defined objective

Flop-Day (n.) a fete worse than death

flop-de-lance one who pokes himself in the eye, shoots himself in the foot, or zaps himself in the stomach with a laser-light sabre

flopdeist (n.) a fanciful fool who talks back to trees, flowers, and burning bushes

flop-democracy (n.) an incompletely successful society in which everyone who passes "go" receives neither $200 in cash nor a get-out-of-jail free card

flopdictum (n.) an authoritative pronouncement or judicial point that fails to establish just how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin without violating health and safety regulations

flopdoodle (n.) one who has great difficulty finding the right ingredients to make stone soup

flopenfreude (n.) the enjoyment obtained from seeing others fall flat on their nose, back the wrong nag, or put their foot in their mouth

flop-factum (n.) the gaping loophole in a fetching fairy tale told by an indiscreet politician or man of the cloth

flop-finder (n.) one given to locating faults, flubs, and fluffs that can be pinned like a tail an unsuspecting jackass

flopfisher (n.) a pejorative term denoting one who is not a happy hooker i.e. one who is not adept at fishing for red-herrings

flop-flaneur (n.) one who flips his wig, rug or toupee in public just for the heck of it

flopflatulist (n.) one who is known to flounder while flatulating in hot air circles

flop-fossil (n.) a terminally-inconvenienced soul with far too many failures under his belt to count on his headstone

flopflotsam (n.) a fanciful fop who retrieves previously-enjoyed men's magazines from the trash bin

flopfootsie (n.) a chronologically-gifted uniquely-fortuned individual with two left-feet and no sense of rhythm

flopflub (n.) a bawdy botch-up or booby bungle that is captured on live TV

flopfossil (n.) a chronologically-gifted fool

flop-fragrance (n.) a discretionary bouquet that can't kill the familair odor of a losing team's locker room

flopfully (adv.) descriptive of one who missed the boat while waiting for his/her train to arrive at the bus station

flopfundus (n.) a sudden, brief, and loud burst of vulgar wind emanating from the cheeks of a well-endowned companion that eliminates one's pang for passion

flop-hop (n.) a dazzling dance performed by a blunder bunny with two left feet

flop-hyperbalist (n.) one whose divine destiny is confined to making mountains out of molehills or building sandcastles in the air

flopilla (n.) a small fleet of fools

flopitis (n.) a debilitating disease that leaves the patient either sucking eggs or sucking wind a good deal of the time

flopland (n.) the home of the fanciful Fuck-up Fairy

flopling (n.) the pathetic person in the middle of a shlemozzle or screw-up

flop majeure (n.) a fantastic failure or scintillating snafu that leaves a lasting impression one would dearly love to forget except that it hit the front page of the National Enquirer (roll the drums please and bring out out the pity pot)!

flopmeister (n.) a proactive putz who tells you, "If there's a wrong way to do it, do it!"

flop-me-not (n.) the sort of rubber tree plant that takes great delight in eating ants for breakfast, lunch and dinner

flopmilial (adj.) of, or relating to, or characteristic of fluffs, flubs, and fuck-ups related to one another for which the Guru of Glitch cannot fix

flopera (n.) pejorative term for a Bard of the Bowels who can't hold a tune but can remember all the words to...

Beans, beans the magical fruit
The more you eat, the more you toot
The more you toot, the better you feel
So let's have beans at every meal!

floposopher (n.) a useful insult that comes in handy with pontificating prats or air heads

flopnose (n.) one who enjoys a puckish sort of proboscis, also known as a blundering busybody

floporium (n.) euphemism for a meat-market filled with flop shops

flopped (vb.) past tense of a bungling blunderous action for which no one wishes to take credit

floppee (n.) technical term for the sybaritic soul seated on a whoopee cushion

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