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Forgetting (retention loss) refers to apparent loss of information already encoded and stored in an individual's long term memory. It is a spontaneous or gradual process in which old memories are unable to be recalled from memory storage. It is subject to delicately balanced optimization that ensures that relevant memories are recalled. Forgetting can be reduced by repetition and/or more elaborate cognitive processing of information. Reviewing information in ways that involve active retrieval seems to slow the rate of forgetting.

Forgetting functions (amount remembered as a function of time since an event was first experienced) have been extensively analyzed. The most recent evidence suggests that a power function provides the closest mathematical fit to the forgetting function. (Source: Wikipedia)

At my age, forgetfulness seems to be the norm.

Just yesterday, I was at TESCO doing my groceries when I had a missed call from an unknown number. I've recently terminated some numbers as I switched networks. In the process, I forgot to update my phone book. Looking at the number, I felt quite piqued as I did not recognize the number. To be honest, I thought of using a public phone to call that number.

Then I thought I'd use another one of my phones to call that number. As I dialled the number, it was then I realized it was one of my own numbers :-(. I must have called it when I misplaced my phone. Two years ago, one of my phones was in silent mode and I could not find it for almost a week. It happened during the Chinese New Year break. I called and messaged the number etc and even left voice messages asking the finder of the number to return the phone and promised to give a small reward. When the holidays ended and my husband had to go to work, I found the phone trapped under his bag on a table. Big relief!

That is how forgetful I am.

I cannot remember my own telephone numbers!

Once, when I called MAXIS to make a complaint about one of my numbers, the Customer Care Officer asked for my number and most embarrassingly, I told her to hold on and I had to check my phone.

On a few occasions, I forgot to switch on the rice cooker and when my son came home for lunch, he said ala Britney Spears "Mom, you did it again!"

In fact, I have seen the doctor about this. Serious!!! He said I am too young to have Alzheimer's :-).

Feeling quite worried about this, I have bought quite a bit of multi-vitamins in a bid to arrest that problem.

THIS LINK gives ten signs of Alzheimer's.

There is one good thing about being forgetful. I cannot remember the magnitude of  hurts and pain I experienced in the past. Whilst I know the source, I cannot remember how it felt and I reckon that it good. To remember no more what brings pain is good. And the best part is - I cannot forget the best moments in life that I have gone through...

And for that, I am thankful.

I will always forget the earliest blog readers of this blog, the regular ones and those who leave their comments here or via email.

At this stage of life, I am just so thankful I am back on my feet again. To be able to breathe again and sing without having phlegm get in the way is a wonderful feeling. And the realization of who is real, caring and sincere is the most wonderful feeling in the world. A revelation that warms the heart.

My maxim now is to leave what hurts in the past and to reach out for what is before me that these may be milestones in my life.

So for those of you who are like me...getting on in years...may God continue to bless you. I fret not when my inner circle diminishes for I know who remains are those who are real. I worry not when I sweep the floor and see the amount of hair on the floor. While I still have food allergy problems that give me skin allergies, I am thankful I can eat and savour the taste of that morsel of food.

Angela told me that when she dies, she will make sure that her son includes a laptop and smart phone in the final rites of the funeral. That way, she can still Skype and viber me from way up there :-).

I just pray that when I leave this world one day, my blog readers will remember me and still visit my blog. :-) Who knows, I may be writing from beyond the grave :-).

Take care and have a great weekend!

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    cin2tan At the food court, my phone rang & everybody looked at me & laughed and biniku blushed ... my ringing tone was Tarzan yelling loudly O...E...O ...!!

    Maxis offered me bonus of rm15.00 IF & only IF I top up 30/= between 8th & 10th June !!

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