How Things Have Changed

Posted by M ws On Saturday, June 16, 2012 4 comments
Whilst it is true that things have changed, is it necessarily for the better? For example, whenever I see young toddlers playing with iPads, my heart is filled with worry. Will they be sensitive to nature, people and things around them or will they be devoid of emotions and believe that things can be compartmentalized with the click of the mouse? Please leave a comment to share your views. I have already tweaked the comment system so there are no more technical glitches. :-) Thanks! Have a great Saturday afternoon!

4 comments to How Things Have Changed

  1. says:

    cin2tan ' Tilam tilam , lama tukar baru , tilam2 , ubah ubah ubah !!'

  1. says:

    Shadower Hi MWS

    Another classic. Makes me yearn for ye goode olde days though!
    Have a good weekend.


  1. says:

    michael The sacrifice we have to make for modern technology. Everything done with the click of a mouse.

    Guess the good old days will only live on in our memories.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

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    Borneo Vespa Club Kuching Those wonderful memories where everything is done personally...thanks for sharing and keep up the good work...well done

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