How the World Works :-)

Posted by M ws On Saturday, June 2, 2012 2 comments
Is this how the world works lately?

If a man cuts his finger off while Slicing salami at work, he blames the restaurant...

If he smokes three packs a day For 40 years and dies of lung cancer, his family blames the Tobacco company.

If a neighbor crashes Into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames the bartender.

If the grandchildren are Brats without manners, we blame television.

If your friend is shot by a Deranged madman, You blame the gun manufacturer..

And if a crazed person breaks into the cockpit and tries to kill the pilot at 35,000 feet,
And the passengers kill him instead,
The mother of the crazed deceased could end up blaming the airline.

I must have lived too long to understand the world as it is anymore.

So, if I die while I am parked in front of this computer, who should I blame? :-) Just kidding.

Thanks to Freddie who sent me this post! Have a nice day!

2 comments to How the World Works :-)

  1. says:

    Shadower Hi MSW

    Here is some retro-music for your jamming session! Remember Black Night? Well I have posted a much longer unedited version for you to let your hair down and start jammin'. Here it is:
    or, the parallel post is found here:

    All in there are eight tracks uploaded in a single file. Enjoy!

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Shadower

    Thank you so much for sharing! At least now I don't feel so bad about losing my vinyl collection. I can enjoy my favourite 70's music at your blog!!! Simply awesome that I don't have to plough through YouTube to find the songs :-).

    Thank you so much!!! Have a great day!

    Best wishes

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