A Most Bizarre Mystery Solved!

Posted by M ws On Thursday, June 7, 2012 1 comments
In a short Skype call with Angela, we both exchanged notes about what we had been reading today. Animatedly, I shared with her what I discovered about Bobby Driscoll and other complicated stories from the past after which I sent her the links to those articles I had been reading. Impatiently, I asked her if she had checked those links after which she shared with me the story of the most bizarre murder I had ever read.

Featured in The Daily Mail, this article by Annabel Venning  is about a Murder in Peking: Pamela Werner, the British envoy's blonde daughter was found murdered. After she was dead, her throat had been slit open with a sharp knife. The blood had been drained from her body and her torso cut open and her heart, bladder, kidney and liver extracted.

Initially, her father Edward Werner was initially one of three suspects. Subsequently, investigations were suspended after the Japanese invaded in 1937. Recently, records at the National Archives in London have since helped shed light on the teenager's death. The 75-year old mystery has finally been solved!

Read this very interesting article AT THIS LINK.

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  1. says:

    cin2tan Just discovered my late mom was related to the '100-day old emperor of CHINA' : Yen Sei Khai !!!!!!

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