The Paradox of Work

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“Salary Theorem” states that “Engineers and Scientists can never earn as much as Business Executives and Sales People.”

This theorem can now be supported by a mathematical equation based on the following two postulates:

1. Knowledge is Power.
2. Time is Money.

As every engineer knows:
Power = Work / Time

Knowledge = Power
Time = Money

It follows that:
Knowledge = Work/Money.

Solving for Money, we get:
Money = Work / Knowledge.

Thus, as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity, regardless of the amount of work done.

The less you know,the more you make.

-Author Unknown-

I hope readers can share their opinions or observations. Thanks! Have a lovely evening.

2 comments to The Paradox of Work

  1. says:

    CLY Yes, knowledge and money has an inverse relationship. Things that are common knowledge does not have great monetary value. The little knowledge is the extra that makes the difference between a good and a great product. Some are closely guarded secrets, not known to others.
    Researchers zoom into areas where there is little or no knowledge but could have great potential monetary value.
    Earth is just a small planet and our solar system is just a small speck in the universe. Yet our minuscule earth has its richness that does not match our knowledge about the universe.
    We are like a pixel on our computer screen and on this pixel live billions of people who contribute to the total knowledge and richness of this pixel but yet we know next to nothing about all the other pixels.
    Could we be like a frog in the well?

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear CLY

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful response to this post.

    You really write very well. Please feel free to:

    and it will be a pleasure to feature your writings. :-)

    My apologies for I just realized that I have yet to respond to your comment about your reading experience.

    You have rightly highlighted the fact that we are but a speck in this vast universe much akin to frogs in the well or under the tempurong.

    Tragically, the pursuit of knowledge can blind us to the value, intricacies and complex network of how we are inextricably linked to one another.

    There are some who know so much and yet have become alien to emotions, even humans.

    Sometimes, the vagaries of life and the way the world is progressing just stump me and I wonder...where in the world are we all heading to now? A better society for all or are we moving backwards instead?

    Even if we have the Net compared to those in the past, I really feel that those in the 18th to mid 20th century had more soul in their lives.

    Sighs...Pardon the rants of a sentimental and oft disillusioned mws.

    Anyway, on a brighter note, I hope you have a gloriously happy weekend with your loved ones.

    Take care and God bless you! Do keep in touch!

    Best wishes

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