Are We All Slightly MAD?

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Thanks to Angela who sent me this post taken from The Daily Mail.

Suppose you were an alien sent to Earth to live with humans, to observe their behaviour and write a study about them — like an anthropologist studying a remote tribe. What would the alien anthropologist make of the human race? What conclusions would it reach?

It would probably be puzzled by the fact that most human beings are filled with a restlessness that makes us feel uneasy when we’re not occupied, and makes it impossible for us just to ‘be’.
It might be puzzled that we spend so much time oppressed by anxieties, worries and other negative emotions — and by our drive to accumulate more and more wealth, status and success, even though often these don’t bring any contentment.

The alien would probably conclude that there is something wrong with human beings, even that we suffer from a kind of psychological disorder.

And as a psychology lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University and author of several books on spirituality and psychology, I would say the alien would be right.

In my book, I argue that we are all slightly mad — but that it is so intrinsic we’re not aware of it. This madness is the reason we focus our attention outside ourselves, and fill our lives with constant activity and distraction, like addicts who need a constant supply of a drug. It makes it impossible for us to find contentment. It causes discord in relationships. It impels us to search for wellbeing and fulfilment outside ourselves, in wealth, success and power.

The name of this psychological disorder? I call it ‘Humania’ — which means human madness. The bad news is we all show the symptoms — the good news? There’s a cure. . .

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1 comments to Are We All Slightly MAD?

  1. says:

    walla Humania is caused by insecunia. It's a sense of insecurity rooted in bewilderment about fast changes in this world which in turn causes one to try and over-provide for everything. Up to a stage it is called progress. Beyond that it leads to other ailments. Like hernia.

    That's why Tolle sold millions by selling his message of Now.

    We have lost the art of focusing. Bombarded with too many things happening at the same time which vy for our immediate attention, we just disintegrate. Our senses get confused. Our responses become unbalanced. Our communications get distorted. We see shadows when there are none. But when we don't, they are. However that's because some people take advantage of our laxity.

    Stay focused, exercise more and flex those muscles. Because it is easier to be sedentary, pelvic muscles are the ones that atrophy the most.

    The author of that may thus be right in his singular recommendation requiring plural activities. Particularly applicable to places like Penang where the further enjoyment of too much good food will require more exercising. However since the infrastructure to do so is not yet up, improvise other forms of exercises if only to stop the creeping insanity.

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