How the Media Misleads

Posted by M ws On Wednesday, July 25, 2012 2 comments
This morning, I came across a fantastic blog callled RYviewpoint run by a Canadian retiree who describes himself as 'an over-the-hill but under-the-cover guy waiting by the highway of life to see what random deliveries fate has for me..."

Sadly, he decided to stop blogging at that site on the February 1st, 2012 and he eloquently explains the reasons for that decision in THIS POST. Honestly, I really hope he will resume blogging again for otherwise, cyberspace would truly lose an insightful and classy writer like him who not only shows a high level of integrity but writes with such sincerity, style and flair.

I have made a personal commitment to read his past posts everyday for it is rare to come across someone like RYviewpoint who can write brief but hard-hitting posts. His blog has over 5000 blog posts and I will definitely try to read every single one.

One of his posts How Media Misleads is really worth a read and you can access it HERE.

Excerpt from that post:

If the media lies, then a representative government is impossible. And that makes the constitutional requirement for a free press a waste of effort. At least a significant majority of the press must be honest enough to tell the truth. A free press can be honest or sold out. MORE HERE.

2 comments to How the Media Misleads

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    walla Thank you for the heads-up. Indeed a good mind if just for his reading list which resonates with mine.

    Indeed media monopoly can make lying easier to serve political interests against the grain of true representation.

    In our case, those interests are also economic which leads to corruption not just in the government but also in its organs communicating policies and results in which case any matrix of good representation will be insidiously replaced by the personal agenda, ambition and aggrandizement of kleptocratic oligarchs feeding on the insecurity of the voters which they create using the same media that they deliver.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Walla

    I am terribly sorry that your comment was published so late. I was out for a long time and only just got back by 9ish. The other posts were published as they pre-scheduled.

    Your elegance, insight, sharp take on the current situation is certainly a fresh and enlightening perspective so beautifully expressed a la Walla!!

    Xie xie!!

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