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One of the websites that I love to visit is Want To Know Info. Note the following post which I have extracted from the site.

Two excellent documentaries, BBC's Power of Nightmares and Robert Greenwald's Unconstitutional, expose blatant manipulations in the war on terror. Power of Nightmares and Unconstitutional are among the best documentaries ever made using highly reliable sources to expose major government manipulations orchestrating war behind the scenes. Both are briefly described below with links given for free viewing online.

The Power of Nightmares

The revealing BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares digs deep into the roots of the war on terror, only to find that much of the widespread fear in the post-9/11 world has been fabricated by those in power for their own interests.

The intrepid BBC team presents highly revealing interviews with top officials and experts in combating terrorism who raise serious questions about who is behind all of the fear-mongering.

These experts and riveting footage also show how the media have been manipulated to support secret war and power agendas.

CLICK HERE for more information and for the links to the three videos. 

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