More Wacky Words Part IV

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jackanapes: a rapscallion or hooligan.

kerfuffle: an uproar, mild scandal.

klutz: an awkward or socially-inept person.

la-di-da: an interjection indicating that something is pretentious.

lagomorph: a gnawing mammal having two pairs of incisors in the upper jaw one behind the other; hares, rabbits, and pikkas.

lickety-split: as fast as possible.

lickspittle: a servile person, a toady, a yes-person

logorrhea: suffering from loquaciousness, talkativeness.

lollygag: to move slowly, to saunter, or to fall behind.

malarkey: balderdash, nonsense

maverick: a loner, someone who thinks outside the box.

mollycoddle: to treat too leniently.

mugwump: an independent politician who does not follow any party.

mumpsimus: an outdated and unreasonable position on an issue.

namby-pamby: weak, descriptive of a person with no backbone.

nincompoop: a foolish person.

omphaloskepsis: contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation.

oocephalus: an egghead; a person or animal with an egg-like head.

pandiculation: a full body stretch.

Panjandrum: a Grand Pooh-Bah, a High-Muck-A-Muck, someone who thinks himself high and mighty.

pettifogger: a person who tries to befuddle others with his speech; pejorative term for a lawyer

pogonip: dense winter fog, sea ice fog

pratfall: a fall on one's posterior.

Quean: a buxom babe, a lady of the night; a disreputable woman

rambunctious: aggressive, hard to control.

ranivorous: frog-eating

rigmarole: nonsense, red-tape, unnecessary complexity.

shenanigan: a prank, mischief.

sialoquent: spitting while speaking.

skedaddle: to hurry somewhere.

skullduggery: up to no good, underhanded dealing.

slangwhanger: a loud abusive speaker or obnoxious writer.

smellfungus: a perpetual pessimist.

snickersnee: a long knife.

snollygoster: a person who can't be trusted.

Snool: a servile person.

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