The Farting Personalities (Part 2)

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Here's a hilarious list on the different farting personalities which I am posting for laughs.

Farting alone in the bathroom = Anti-social

Fond to smell others’ fart = Social

Trying to muffle or mute your fart = sensitive

Farting loudly = confident

Farting but accusing someone else = scoundrel

Farting continuously for a long time = silly

Farting in front of cute girls = brave

Farting when you have diarrhea = reckless

Farting while standing = in control

Farting while squirming = violent

Farting in front of your dad = democratic

Trying to pose during farting = unjust

Farting in the exam hall = cheating

Farting in a close place, suffocating everyone = terrorist

Farting without a sound = romantic

Try to smell your own fart = egotist

Farting sporadically = shy

You don’t like to fart = vain

Trying to fart but you don’t know how = incompetent

Farting deliberately in the elevator = mean

-Author Unknown-

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