Two Evil Men

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were two evil friars living outside this small village.

The friars had tried unsuccessfully to overtake and capture the town, but finally this time, they believed they had hit upon a foolproof scheme that would allow them to rule the village.

They had, through mad scientist experiments in their floral shop, come up with a plant that would devour the townspeople one by one until none were left.

They set forth to put their plan into action by planting the man-eating plants so they encircled the village.

As the plants rapidly grew, they began devouring everything living in their path.

The townspeople grew frightened; who or what would save them from their eminent doom?

Finally, the town's elder remember Hugh, a woodcutter who lived on the outskirts of town.

Frantically, the townspeople penned a desperate plea for help, tied it to the leg of a pigeon, and directed the bird toward Hugh's cabin.

Meanwhile, outside of town, Hugh had received the note from the townspeople, and realizing they were in grave danger, set forth to do what he needed to do.

He honed his mightiest axe to razor-sharpness, grabbed his hat, and off he went.

Chopping his way through the dense vines, he single-handedly destroyed the carnivorous plants one by one, until all were destroyed.

Then he set out to rid the village of the evil friars, chasing them out of town.

The town was saved!!!

The people rejoiced and knighted Hugh for his brave and timely efforts to save the village!!!

And the moral of the story is:

Together - we can put put forest fires...

-Author Unknown-

Why do you think I posted this story? :-)

What does it bring to remembrance? 

What other morals could we learn?

Do leave a comment to share your reactions. Thank you!

2 comments to Two Evil Men

  1. says:

    Shadower Good evening MWS

    Your posts have been growing rather cryptic lately? :) keeps us second guessing what you are trying to drive at I suppose. So what could POSSIBLY be behind this simple tale of redemption? Hmmmmmm. Ow, shucks, I am never good at reading between the lines anyway!

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Hi Shadower

    Great to hear from you again. Part of the plan is to stimulate critical thinking skills and for readers to really reflect, think and not to accept anything or everything that is available.

    If you read the hints in both posts, you should be able to piece the puzzle together bit by bit :-).

    The other part of the plan is to stay safe :-) and healthy!

    Take care and stay in touch!


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