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A while ago, an old friend from the 1980's who is a cancer survivor told me about virgin coconut oil (VCO) and how the ladies in her church are taking it regularly. During a skype chat with another old friend from varsity days, Agnes, I was lamenting once again about my hot flushes. Immediately, Agnes said she would bring me two bottles of VCO when she was in my neck of woods as VCO really helped her during peri-menopause. Although we did not get to meet when she was in Penang, Agnes very kindly left it with the hotel reception. Since then, I have been taking one tablespoon daily and will be increasing my intake to two and then three tablespoonfuls daily. As usual, I googled for VCO and would like to share the following information on VCO which has indeed helped me quite a bit.

Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits

Virgin coconut oil benefits are really numerous. Some of them include:

  • Increasing your metabolism and helping you lose weight more easily and faster
  • Virgin coconut oil has anti-microbial properties
  • It can enhance your immune system health, so you get a cold or the flu less often
  • The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil can give you more energy
  • Applied to the body and hair on a regular basis, virgin coconut oil can help you have smooth, youthful and healthy skin and softer hair
  • It also can help to support the proper functioning of your thyroid gland

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Many of the benefits that people have reported when using coconut oil, apply similarly to virgin coconut oil as well as a high quality expeller pressed oil. However, you need to make sure you are getting an oil that is not hydrogenated, nor have they used chemicals in the processing. There are many who feel like the virgin coconut oil has more benefits that using the expeller pressed oil did not give them, but keep in mind that most of the benefits seem to come from the medium chain fatty acids, which vary a bit by batch, and are high in both type of the oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil Can Help You Fight Viruses, Bacteria, Candida and More!

Virgin coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid, which is a medium-chain fatty acid that has been shown to have an ability to destroy lipid-coated viruses. Some of these viruses include the flu or influenza virus, HIV, herpes and more. There has been a case where an infant which had tested positive for HIV, and was fed with an infant formula that had a considerable amount of coconut oil in it, later tested negative for HIV!

Lauric acid is also able to destroy many bad bacteria, including giardia and listeria. In addition, many have also reported benefits from taking coconut oil with systemic yeast infections, or candida. Lauric acid is very high in human breast milk, probably in no small part due to its immune-boosting properties.

Are You Fighting with Blood Sugar Issues? Virgin Coconut Oil May Help You!

Many people have reported lower blood sugar when consuming coconut oil, and better mood and energy as well. This is important, as many diabetics experience low energy and problem moods, as do those with insulin resistance. Many people today are insulin resistant and don’t even know it, but if you put weight on around your midsection, there is a pretty good chance that you are one of them.

Coconut Oil Can Help Your Digestion

Many have reported relief from various digestion problems, including irritable bowel syndrome and even Crohn’s disease. This may be because the medium chain fatty acids in the lauric acid seem to help your body to absorb other nutrients. In addition, it is a great fat to add to your diet if you do not yet have a strong digestive system. Coconut oil is one of the most easily digested fats around, and does not need bile in order to help break it down.

Virgin Coconut Oil May Benefit Your Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

There are some alternative doctors who think chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia both have some basis in thyroid dysfunction. But in order for the thyroid gland to function properly, you also need to have a strong adrenal gland. In any case, many who have added virgin coconut oil to their diet say that their chronic fatigue and/or fibromyalgia has improved.

Coconut oil, of course, does not have the money-making potential of prescription drugs, so it is hard to find studies about coconut oil and how it has helped with various health issues, but many people have just decided to try some for themselves and many have had a pleasant surprise.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Recommended Amounts For You To See Results!

Recommended amounts of virgin coconut oil really depend on why you are taking it, as well as your size, but range from 1 - 6 Tablespoons per day for an average person. Like all more natural ways of healing, it often takes a while to see results, so you might want to make a commitment to try it for at least a month or two. And often, in our experience, with natural healing, many people don’t take enough of the natural substance to make a difference. So if you start with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per day, and don’t see any benefits, try at least 2 or 3 for a while, like for a month at least.


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