If The World Were To End Tomorrow....

Posted by M ws On Wednesday, August 22, 2012 0 comments
If it is the end of the world tomorrow, can you imagine the kind of headlines we would be reading?

  • USA Today: We're dead
  • The Wall Street Journal: Dow Jones plummets as world ends
  • National Enquirer: Jon and Kate, together again
  • Microsoft Systems Journal: Apple loses market share
  • Victoria's Secret catalog: Our final sale
  • Sports Illustrated: Game over
  • Wired: The last new thing
  • Rolling Stone: the Grateful Dead Reunion Tour
  • Readers Digest: 'Bye’
  • Discover Magazine: How will the extinction of all life as we know it affect the way we view the cosmos?
  • Lady's Home Journal: Lose 10 lbs by judgment day with our new "Armageddon" diet!
  • America Online: System temporarily down. Try calling back in 15 minutes.
  • Inc. Magazine: Ten ways you can profit from the Apocalypse
  • Time Magazine: Renew your subscription for eternity
-Author Unknown-

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