The Brevity of Life - Brenda Chiah

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It was in 1997 when I first met Brenda Chiah. She was a student in my Business Communication and Presentation Class in the ABE Certificate course (1997) and the Diploma I class at a private college in Penang (1998).

Her jovial character and energetic laughter was most infectious and I cannot remember any moment when she did not have a smile on her face. I believe towards the end of the course, she found fame in a competition and eventually became a famous tv artiste.

Those of you who enjoy Chinese serial dramas might have seen her in The Descendant which was aired from 9th February, every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. on ntv7.

She played the role of Jiang Hai Qi in Tribulations of Life, the 19th co-production of MediaCorp TV and ntv7 and a blockbuster drama for 2011.

Imagine my shock when another student messaged me to tell me that Brenda passed away on Saturday from breast cancer at the age of 34. She married Chai Kher Lik, an actor with the DreamTeam Studio on January 10th this year.

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Guang Min Daily carried the news of her tragic death this morning..

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Two nights before her death, she had a romantic dinner with her husband who drove back from Kuala Selangor where he had been busy with Dream Team Studio in the shooting of a new production.

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Even though he realized he had only two hours to see Brenda and was very tired, he wrote in his Facebook update for the photograph that it did not matter that two hours for he needed to tell her how much he loved her.  There, he said he had known her for eight years and had never quarrelled but have loved  her the same the way she loved him. May God comfort him and the loved ones during this time of grief and loss.

I just wish I had had a chance to see her again before she left us. I did not even know she had been suffering from cancer. That is the Brenda I knew - resilient and always with a smile on her face no matter how she felt within. Positive and determined, it has been amazing how with steadfast determination she worked to achieve her dreams and now, she left us all too soon but with footprints in the hearts of many, including mine.

Brenda, may you rest in peace always. You will always remain in the hearts of your loved ones, friends and fans who love you.

*Updated: This is a photo of Brenda's final journey....R.I.P.

2 comments to The Brevity of Life - Brenda Chiah

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    walla May she live on in eternal peace while we die on in temporary distract.

  1. says:

    mokjadeandell i followed the descendant without the story .its unfortunate that she's taken away too soon. RIP brenda .will miss her and her acting.

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