My Boys and Their Music

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Many of you know I have two sons. But what most of you don't know is that whilst I enjoy playing with my friends' daughters, I am glad I do not have any daughters because I connect better with the opposite gender haha...and I cannot stand little girls who wince and cry. God knows me best and gave me two boys whom I love dearly.

My older boy was the apple of my dad's eye. His fifth death anniversary will be in about three weeks.

This was Jonathan performing at one recital. I think he was about eight years old ...

When Jon was 9 years old, Nicholas was's a pic of them when Nick was 2 months old..

Jon was ever ready to carry Nicholas, feed him etc except to change his diapers :-)...Nick looked exactly like Jon when he was a baby right till when he was about 5 years old...Even they cannot tell who is who as they wore the same baby/toddler clothes :-)

They were pretty close in their younger days and I guess Jon relished the big brother role he had...their laughter melted my heart ....

You cannot imagine the fun the two used to have...tickling or teasing or just mucking around...Jon has always been Nick's hero...I know they love each other to bits...and I love them VERY much too!

Then Jon had to go away for his studies but the brothers always had fun whenever Jon came back...

And shared glorious moments together...they would always jam in the study upon Jon's return..yours truly would also play but making many mistakes, Still, both boys never complained and we just enjoyed precious moments making music together...bonding...

Undeniably, both of them love music, and love to play the violin, piano and guitar.

I never expected both of them to choose the musical path..Jon plays with Ganesh at Spiral Lounge, Novotel once a week...CLICK HERE FOR THEIR VERSION OF CHICK COREA'S 'SPAIN'.

They also have another gig coming up.....

Jon is also the violinist for the jazz band Juanophobia...


Watch Jon playing his cover version of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain AT THIS YOUTUBE LINK.

Nick plays with the Musica Simfonietta and yesterday played at the Whyte House's Monthly Recital.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH NICHOLAS playing Beethoven's Bagatelle Op. 126 No. 1-3 

I love my boys very much and am doing this post for them to remember how their growing up years was not only instrumental in their bonding but also in shaping their musical path...

I am sure you also have fond memories of your children/ share.

In the mean time, may you enjoy the music video clips I have shared here. Take care and do leave a comment to share your responses. Thanks!

P.S. If you need to contact Jon & Ganesh/Juanophobia for gigs, please contact me. Thanks!

2 comments to My Boys and Their Music

  1. says:

    Grace Beck You are one blessed mum :)

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Hi Grace!

    Thank you!!!

    So are you and in fact, we all are :-) moms and dads alike :-).

    Take care and God bless!!


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