Positive Affirmations

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These positive affirmations are great for every morning. Keep them with you and review them when you're stuck in traffic, trapped in a tense meeting, tossing and turning at night, preparing to meet a deadline, or sitting down for a serious talk with your child.

by Herman Sherman

1. I will never give up so long as I know I'm right.

2. I will believe that all things will work out for me if I hang on until the end.

3. I will be courageous and undismayed in the face of odds.

4. I will not permit anyone to intimidate me or deter me from my goals.

5. I will fight to overcome all physical limitations and setbacks.

6. I will try again and again and yet again to accomplish my dreams.

7. I will take new faith and resolution from the knowledge that all successful people have had to overcome defeat and adversity.

8. I will never surrender to discouragement or despair, no matter what.

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